Authors: Get Paid!

Author F. E. Feeley provides us with thoughts about a writer’s earnings. I was very impressed about this post and thought more of us should read it because I think he’s absolutely right. Thank you for this, F. E. Feeley jr.!

F.E.Feeley Jr

Not so much a rant as an observation.

People’s work has value.

If that person punches a time clock, or if that person is a salaried employee, if that person works as a contractor, or if they work for themselves. That work has value. I haven’t said anything wildly out of line there. Sort of a ‘no duh’ statement right?

Why, then, do we have such a hard time paying people what they’re worth?

Or better yet, why do we expect certain work to be done for free?

I’ve seen so many posts in the last couple of years about raising the minimum wage, universal health care, teachers salaries, wallstreet screwing over the little guy videos, antilobbying videos, pay equality in the workplace, and on it goes.

Yet, people are working harder and harder for less and less. I always hear people put it off on bloated corporations like Walmart…

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One thought on “Authors: Get Paid!

  1. WE might get pain on Amazon if they stopped giving books away with lending library, KindleUnlimited–free month in which you can buy as many books as you want free, and Kenp where readers can read 200 pages at half a cent. Why would anyone pay for our books when they don’t have to?


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