A.J.’s Newsletter Trouble

This morning I posted the following blog post, happily, that finally my newsletter subscription works. It took me a long time to get this done and follow all necessary steps I was given to make it work again. Of course, I had tested subscribing and unsubscribing before publishing the article. It worked perfectly, which made me publish the article.

And as soon as the post was published I was informed that it does not work.

I’m shocked. This is embarrassing, and I’m extremely unhappy how it turned out. I just wrote an armor-clad email to MailChimp to immediately solve that problem.

I’m contrite and hope you’ll forgive me for publishing something that does not work. I’m sorry.

I’ll keep you updated on the matter.





Picture courtesy of: http://www.google.com


12 thoughts on “A.J.’s Newsletter Trouble

  1. I have subscribed and haven’t gotten an email confirmation either. I don’t know, maybe it’ll still go through when you send out a newsletter, but that is certainly weird. I use MailChimp as well (I’m still trying to figure it out. I’m in the same boat as you, trying to figure out how to get more subscribers and readers). But I just got an email yesterday saying someone subscribed. Do you get any emails like that for your newsletter?


    • I’m very sorry for this, Rachel. I’m embarrassed, please forgive me. I have re-tried to subscribe and got disappointed again. I tested the subscribing and unsubscribing about twenty times before I finally happily prepared this blog post and was convinced it would work.
      I took the necessary steps now for MailChimp to solve this problem after they put me to this great inconvenience. 😦

      But really, THANK YOU for taking your time to subscribe and to inform me about the problem!


  2. Hi Aurora, I know how lazy some folk are, so just a few lines to say that I read and digested the above article. Be assured, if you’re dogged enough, and I think you are…you’ll get a book published sooner than you think., OK?! Upwards and onwards. Best wishes. Joy xx

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