Werewolf Week


This is GREAT. Vampire Maman Juliette starts October with her official ‘Werewolf-Week’.
Since Writer’s Treasure Chest celebrates October with the Halloween Poem Contest, I think a little more scary is perfect. I love Juliette’s Vampire family – and of course herself!! Read it, you will see!

Vampire Maman

In honor of October, Werewolves, and Halloween the first week of October is now officially WEREWOLF WEEK here at vampiremaman.com

But proceed with caution…

Like my brother Max always says, “I have a dog. Why the Hell would I want to date one?” OK that isn’t his exact words. He says “Why the Hell would I want to fuck one?” I like to at least give the pretense of being polite.

When it comes to the subject of WEREWOLVES  we’re all over the place. We meaning Vampires. By all over the place I mean that we accept them, we live with them and from time to time we’re even friends with them but NEVER are we romantically involved (not that we know of). And of course we don’t have big battles in dark woods or dark caverns with cosplay type costumes. We talk out our problems. Otherwise we’d be like Regular…

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3 thoughts on “Werewolf Week

    1. I don’t think so, to be honest. From what I heard werewolves are dangerous around six days when it’s a full moon. I doubt there are too many fleas around at Midnight outside a tavern in Transylvania. *grin*


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