Why You Should Still Be Going To Bookstores

Author Charlotte Harter published a great post about bookstores. Honestly: I’ve never been in a bookstore I didn’t like. How about you?


Ah, yes. Bookstores. Remember those? They were great. But does anyone actually go to them anymore? In an age where everything is digital, it’s hard to keep the bookstores alive. But guess what? We have to. And here’s why.

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7 thoughts on “Why You Should Still Be Going To Bookstores

  1. Every time we see a new bookstore pop up in Atlanta we wonder: do they make money?? We believe when coupled with other things they can, like coffee.

    Like this said, a lot of them have really upped their marketing game. There’s one called Interrang, if memory serves, that does a decent job at marketing on social media.

    Book stores and libraries should be kept alive, if for no other purpose, for indie authors!

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    1. I love bookstores. I too love paper books. My Kindle reader is very useful when it comes to traveling. I just take this tiny thing and I’m covered for the entire vacation.
      But I’d never take the device with me reading in the bathtub. 🙂


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