3rd Halloween Poem Contest – 2nd Group Of Submitted Poems —

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The Glendale Witch by Annette Rochelle Aben

The kids stood at the base of the old apple tree
Hoping this time, they might happen to see
The one known as the witch of Glendale
The very thought, made their faces grow pale
They’d never seen her by the light of day
She couldn’t handle the sun, so they did say
Legend had it that under the Halloween moon
You could see her flying around on her broom
That she wore a tall hat and had a wart on her nose
That her jet-black hair hung like string over spider web clothes
And that the best place, this witch to see
Was at the very top of the old apple tree
And that you had to be careful, you had to beware
Not to let her see that you were scared
Because if she looked you right in the eye
You’ll fall out of the old apple tree and die
The kids sat down under that old apple tree
For none was brave enough, you see
To climb to the top on Halloween night
To wait for the witch or to die of fright
So, another Halloween passed with no takers found
And the legend of the Glendale witch, keeps going around



Treats Only, Please by Lauren Scott

Creepy cackles from the trees
startle their hearts as they walk
Shadows follow the echoes
as they ensue down the block

They loyally repeat to each other
it’s a night for entertainment
There’s nothing to be afraid of
as they stare down at the pavement

They know they’re not alone
many follow in their footsteps
Eager to push the door bell
but afraid of the special effects

They see goblins and witches
pumpkins, ghouls, and ghosts,
Super heroes of all different kinds
while owls hoot from their posts

Some faces seem a bit too real
one even looked like old granny
Ignore the screeches and simply focus
on taking home a load of candy!




Cowboys, Astronauts, Ghosts and more
Will come-a knocking at your door
The treat bowl is waiting full to the brim
You leave the door open they can come right in
Your voice is heard telling them all
“The treats are on the table in the hall”.
Little goblins scurry to claim the sweets
Waiting for them, a big bowl of treats
All inside now and the door slams shut
He appears from nowhere with the ax in his hand
He is enormous in size with blood on his face
The goblins are silent the laughter has stopped
Replaced with fear, and frozen in place
The ax held high above their heads
Comes down with a whoosh right toward their face
The goblins start screaming and turning to run
Then the enormous man opens his mouth and speaks
“Happy Halloween kids, help your self there’s plenty more,
just let me go and open the door, the wind blew it shut”.



“My Shadow” by Micki Peluso

The shadow hounded me Halloween day
Glimpsed in farthest corners of my eyes
Each time I turned, it slipped away
Wherever Shadows run to hide

It took not shape, nor any form,
At least from what I briefly spied
It seemed a darkly presence at my back
I hurried home and ran inside
Would its blackness fade with sunlight’s lack?

No, it hovers just beyond my view
In darkness shows its wicked might
Taught me terrors I never knew
I reached quickly for some light

Each click, each lamp,
brought no flare, no brightness
To overcome  the dark
Which made the Shadow aware
That I could feel its evil mark

Do I deserve this dreaded fate?
My sins crossed o’er my mind and soul
Must I now pay the devil’s toll?
Or be redeemed too late?
Only my Shadow knows



This is only the second group of submissions. Please, keep them coming and make it really hard for the jury to decide on the winners!
A. J. Alexander