3rd Halloween Poem Contest – And The Winners Are…

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The jury has decided!

Today I’m writing representing the Jury of the 3rd Halloween Poem Contest 2017.

The winners of the contest are:

Chris Graham with “The first Halloween”
Martha Sullivan with “Bless wise old women”
Eva D. R. Force with “Halloween Offerings”

(The winners are listed in order of their submissions)

Thank you so much for your amazing poems, winners! You will get an email today.


Our three winners of the contest can choose one of the offered e-books.


  1. E-Book of either “Three For All” OR “Four One Night” written by Kitt Crescendo
  2. E-book of either one of the three “My Gentle War,“ “The Catalyst,“ OR “Where Angels And Devils Tread,“ written by Joy Lennick
  3. E-book of “The Dark Side Of A Promise,“ written by Allan F. Hudson




It was a difficult decision for the jury. But we had a lot of fun and wanted to thank all poets for their wonderful poems.


Thank you, Kitt Crescendo and Joy Lennick for their jury work and offering one of their books to the winners – and of course to Allan F. Hudson who offered his book to pick from as well. I appreciate your help and support!


27 thoughts on “3rd Halloween Poem Contest – And The Winners Are…

    1. Thank you Liz. You’re right, Kitt Crescendo, Joy Lennick and myself had a hard time deciding on three. There were so many great submissions! I think we picked well.
      As for next year: You better watch out – I might pick you as a jury member. LOL

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  1. Congratulations Aurora! The poetry competition was great fun – despite it being hard to choose winners from so much variety and talent! Well done Chris Graham, Martha Sullivan and Eva D.R. Force. Hope you all enjoy your E-book prizes.

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  2. YAY!! Wonderful choices. And difficult ones, since so many of the poems were ridiculously fabulous. I can’t wait to tell Martha – one of my writing ‘students,’ who will be thrilled. Thanks again for running this fun-filled Halloweeny contest.

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