Winter Is Approaching

The air is cold, the trees are naked, people run around and sneeze

the ground is hard, the leaves are fallen, the wind howls worse than just a breeze.

After autumn coolness, wet streets common. skies a leaden gray they are

We feel the fourth season fast approaching, winter isn’t anymore that far.


The only thing we are awaiting, is the white, we want it swift,

soft white flakes that cover brown ground, a blanket, like a gift.

Some time far away, in past and future, spring was and will be, that we know

but at this moment what we wish for, is our long awaited snow.


Christmas time is around the corner, we’re looking forward to the Holiday,

but part of it is winter snow in which we all just love the play.

Please, clouds, give us the snowflakes we’re long already waiting for

allow the clouds to cover nature, ground, and plants, and so much more.


Nature, it will go to sleep, during winter, the cold and freezing time

while snow will cover, all year’s leftovers, the dirt, the wet and also grime.

In spring the world will be awaking, prepared to grow to play and toy

but when there’s snow in winter, there’s no reason, why we cannot enjoy.


Enjoy the cold and play the snow, go to sled, to ski, go skate the ice,

accept the moment, be yourself, winter will be over in just a trice.

Live in the here and in the present, build a snowman on your lawn

In a handful moments you’ll think back and today’s winter will be gone.


(Copyright, Aurora Jean Alexander, December 2017)

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17 thoughts on “Winter Is Approaching

  1. An old one of mine.
    A dozen arboreal snow maidens
    grace our concrete street:
    like virginal brides –
    some blushing –
    confetti at their feet.

    Shivering in an early Spring freeze,
    genuflecting to an icy breeze –
    they bravely bear
    Mother Nature’s whims –
    and to beauty all are hymns.

    Joy x

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  2. Thanks for painting a picture from my childhood. I grew up on Long Island New York and have not seen or played in snow in a couple of decades. Beautifully constructed. Although I admit I need to slow down when I read poems sometimes. I accidentally read the first line as “The air is cold and naked people run around and sneeze…” Which wouldn’t have been too out of the question where I grew up. Some people partied way too hard some nights.

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