The Return of Smorgasbord Open House – Interviews for all writers and other creative artists.

Thank you so much Sally!!

Smorgasbord Blog Magazine

The Open Houseseries ran from January 2016 for four months and was one of the most popular of the interview series.  I thought that we might revisit the theme for 2018.

This series will be joined in the next few weeks by an additional author interview which will be in audio and more details on that shortly.

Would you like to be interviewed?

It is open to writers across blogging, books, poetry as well as artists, musicians and photographers.

It is an opportunity to showcase your work from blog posts to sunsets on Smorgasbord and my social media platforms.

I also want it to showcase the person you are and discover more about what makes them tick, their inspirations and also some fun facts.

I have decided to retain the title of the series as Smorgasbord Open House. If you were interviewed two years ago that is not a…

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2 thoughts on “The Return of Smorgasbord Open House – Interviews for all writers and other creative artists.

  1. Hi Sally, I’d love to be interviewed as I’ve not been as lucky with sales of ebooks as with mainstream publishing, and that’s an understatement…You very kindly published a ‘Christmas memories’ piece from my book MY GENTLE WAR. The last two books published, in 2017, were WHERE ANGELS & DEVILS TREAD- a collection of 16 short stories by writer Jean Wilson and yours truly, and THE MOON IS WEARING A TUTU, a modest book of humorous poems, limericks and jokes by my SO and me. I’d be most grateful for your assistance. Thanks a heap, Sally. Best wishes.

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