Don’t Judge A Book By Its Cover

… and still, we all do it, right? I’m not the exception to the rule either. Often I catch myself judging a person I don’t know because I don’t like her jacket. But I don’t know what happened to her that her jacket looks as ragged as it does.

But let’s stay within the literary world. Like so many other writers and readers, I love spending time in bookstores. I browse through the shelves and aisles, and occasionally I pick one, turn it around and start reading the blurb on the back.

My eyes fly over the shelves, and once in a while, they are caught by a particularly attractive and intriguing book cover. If I don’t like the cover, I don’t even bother reading a blurb, means I might miss a few good books, just because my eye isn’t attracted to the books’ cover.

Over the years I saw a few very interesting and eye-catching covers, and by a couple, I was quite fascinated.

Now, these five here, are only a few that impressed me and my eye in particular. To some of you, they might be weird, sad or even boring. This blog post and these covers are my taste.

Picture courtesy of:


Cover designer: Jim Tierney

I love how the designer mixes color and the trace of antique and ancient. It’s not often we discover a new book with an ‘old’ cover.





Picture courtesy of:


Cover designer: Peter Mendelsund

I love the colorful simplicity of the book cover. It seems to be one simple compass needle, but I was drawn in when I saw this cover.





Picture courtesy of:


Designer team:

Bob Giusti (illustration)
Amy Hill (lettering)

This I call a perfect symbiosis between illustration and lettering. It can’t get any simpler than this, any darker, any more impressive – and any scarier.




Picture courtesy of:


Designer: Na Kim

I cannot even tell whether this book cover is ‘intriguing’ or repelling… but it definitely is fascinating. And in combination with this book title it has a lot to say.






Picture courtesy of:


Cover designer: Anne Jordan

The cover caught my eye immediately. Why would a reader and writer like me not be intrigued by a turning page? I briefly looked at the book and found that I had to add it to my growing pile of books I need to read.




Are there covers you like? And I know, I got a lot to learn and many people to meet, cover designers amongst them. Who do you know, being a cover designer or illustrator and designed the perfect cover for your book?

Or what book cover do you particularly love?

16 thoughts on “Don’t Judge A Book By Its Cover

  1. I often look for books by authors I haven’t read yet and if the cover doesn’t catch my eye, I don’t usually look further, sorry to say. I may have missed some great stories but it’s always the cover that gets me to look.

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    1. I think many readers and writers are doing the very same thing – including me I admit. But then: The cover is a matter of taste too. You might like a cover which I don’t and vice-versa. I hope we both read good stories too, even though the other one wouldn’t have liked the respective cover. LOL


  2. I usually buy a book because it was recommended by a reader who likes the same books as I or I read a good review. I have bought books with covers I disliked but someone said it was a good book. Occasionally I have picked up a book based on the cover and a few times it was a disappointment. Having said that, we writers should make sure our covers are of high quality and reflect the story. My publisher designs my covers (with some input from me) and I love them.

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    1. I figure you’re definitely smarter than I am – and wise. I often count on my instincts when it comes to books and I rarely, very rarely read a book I really didn’t like. Thanks for dropping by and leaving your comment Darlene! Your opinion is always valuable to me!

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