What Not To Do With My Name

Today I was asked: Do you prefer to be called Aurora or Jean or both? It wasn’t the first time I heard this question, but it made me chuckle since it gave me the idea to this blog post.

My full name is Aurora Jean Alexander. From what I was told, since there is no hyphen between the two first names I cannot ‘demand’ to be called Aurora Jean. This is no tragedy since I prefer ‘AJ’.

Do I mind being called ‘Aurora’? No, of course not! Many do that. Do I mind being called ‘Jean’? Yes. Unfortunately it does remind me of denim and I don’t feel like turning around hearing someone yell “Jeeeeeaaaan” after me like I’d be a wet pair of pants.

But let’s start at the beginning: the origins of my names:

The origin of Aurora is Latin. The name means ‘dawn’. (which reminds me: Isn’t ‘Dawn’ a female name as well?  I admit: I don’t think I’m a ‘Dawn’. But never mind that now.)

The origin of Jean is Hebrew and means “gift from God”  (Or it’s related to the Scottish name Jane, it depends on which page you’re looking for.)

I like the origin of Aurora and I like the sound of Aurora Jean together. But what I still like most is AJ. – So, call me Aurora, Aurora Jean or AJ, they’re all good.

Just promise me: never ever call me “my little sunrise”, as a buddy of mine did – before he didn’t talk anymore for quite some time. His jaw surgery went well and he carefully started eating oatmeal last week. (LOL – Just kidding!)

Enjoy dawn…

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30 thoughts on “What Not To Do With My Name

    1. Oh, we’re usually just acting silly, Joy. It’s no biggie. And believe me, he’s still very much alive. LOL If you would listen to us for a while, not knowing how long ago we met first time, you’d think we hate each other, throwing around death threats. But it’s only talk, really. The ‘poor man’ is one of my best friends. When he read that post, he was having the fun of his life time reading I added the last paragraph. 😀


  1. I love the name Aurora. And the concept of the dawning of a new day it brings. I think names are important. Mine is Vivienne Mary. ‘Vivienne’ means ‘Lively’, I understand, from the same root as ‘vivacious’ and ‘viva’ is, I think, Latin for ‘life.’ ‘Mary’ means ‘bitterness’, I’ve been told. Not so keen on that!
    My father wanted me to be called ‘Edith’ after his mother, who had recently died, but my mother, bless her, put her foot down. (The Mary comes from her. It was her second name, and given as a compromise.) However, I always felt that if I had been called ‘Edith’ I would have been a different person. However, although I don’t like it, it does mean ‘ambitious’.

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    1. Thanks for the compliment Vivienne. I checked on ‘Mary’. From what I read ‘sea of bitterness’ ‘rebellious’ and ‘wished-for child’ are only possible meanings of the Hebrew form of Mary which might have been come out of Mariam or Myriam. But it seems it’s more likely that the true origin of Mary can be found in Old Egypt where it might come from mry “beloved” or mr “love”.
      Edith is some ‘old fashioned’ name that doesn’t fit you. I like Vivienne.


  2. This was a great read.

    My birth certificate will tell you my name is Shannon Danielle Foster. My marriage license shifted my surname to Burton.

    I dropped the “non”, and adopted a character’s name – actually, I stole it, and gave her a new one, because I’m the author and I can do that kind of thing. It was a way to claim my own identity after an abusive childhood.

    If anyone calls me by my legal first name, I will correct them…kindly.

    I’ll call you A.J. because I know the value of calling people what they prefer to be called. =)

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  3. Oh, you literally made me laugh out loud, AJ! Now, here I was attributing Aurora with the Northern Lights … the magic & mystery of the wild colors lighting up the northern skies at night from time immemorial. Maybe that can help give your name even more depth than before. THANKS for the feel good laugh! 😉

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    1. Hello Maeve. Thanks for your wonderful comment. You tickled my fantasy with your description of the colors and the Northern Lights. Very creative, even more when linking it to my name.
      And I love the thought of you laughing about the post. I’m glad it did! 🙂

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      1. I find myself writing apologies today, AJ — I just had a whole pile of replies sent through, that I never got before today…your’s here included. Indeed, thank you, my friend!

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  4. Thanks for the chuckle this morning, Aurora. Yes, I love the name Aurora, and I think it suits you more than the others. You look like an Aurora. AJ is cute, but nope.

    I have always gone by Sharon. I don’t like the nicknames (with various spelling versions) of Sherrie or Shar. My name is Sharon Kay. However, no one has every called me Kay, either, and I’m very happy about that.

    You are and will always be Aurora to me. God bless you.


  5. I love the name Aurora. My full name is Roberta which I don’t use because it never gets pronounced correctly in South Africa so I just use Robbie. Even that goes wrong with people calling me Robin, Ronnie. Rebecca and Robear.


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