Looking for Guest Posts…

Allan Krummeracker’s blog is expecting guests. Apply for guest posts folks, it’s such a GREAT chance!! He’s an amazing writer and I love his blog.

Musings Of Two Creative Minds


Running a blog can be tiring work…  and running a second one:

“The Vampyre Blogs – Private Edition” link: https://thevampyreblogs.wordpress.com/)

can be exhausting


So having guest bloggers who wish to get exposed to a wider audience is a real plus, plus it gives our readers a better idea of what other books and authors are out there.  So if you’re interested in doing a guest post about writing, or wish promote your work here on this blog, please let us know in the comment section below.

Or you can e-mail us at: allan.krummenacker@gmail.com.  Tell us about yourself and what you’d like to share and how soon you’d like the post to run.  We’ll do our best to accommodate your needs and if we can’t we’ll let you know.   Keep in mind NO PORNOGRAPHY.  We have readers from many age ranges and backgrounds so we need to keep things within…

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4 thoughts on “Looking for Guest Posts…

  1. Sally Brandle here. I’m new to blogging, but would love to post in June? My first book, The Hitman’s Mistake, should release in May. I write clean, edgy, romantic suspense. My home’s in the Pacific Northwest and presently I’m watching cormorants attempt to land in a big fir tree next to a lake. Half of them miss the first time due to their webbed feet. Determination’s what kept me producing books, even though I won or finaled in contests I couldn’t land a publisher until last year. A possible post?

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    1. Hello Sally, nice to meet you. As for promoting your book here on ‘Writer’s Treasure Chest’, please check out the contact form here on the right side. Please fill it in and it will get into my email.

      As for this post here, please follow the link “View Original Post” on the bottom of the re-blogged post above. It will take you to Allan Krummenacker’s post where he explains how to guest post on his blog.

      I hope this information helps you.


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