Changes are Coming to WordPress

Steven Colborne informs us about changes on WordPress and how they influence our future blogging. Thanks so much for your article Steven!


Perfect Chaos

If you’re as passionate about blogging as I am, you’ll be curious and concerned about the fact that WordPress are working on a “revolutionary” new editor. In the coming months, the way in which you compose your blog posts on is going to change quite considerably.

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2 thoughts on “Changes are Coming to WordPress

  1. Thanks for this important news. I wish these “developers” would confer with their users as most seem perfectly content with things as they are from the comments I’ve read. It’s like giving people a new way to stir their coffee (is there one ?) for people like me who don’t add cream and/or sugar and don’t need to stir the coffee in the first place.

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    1. This isn’t the first time WordPress goes for changes that are not at all improving our blogging fun. Let’s face it: whenever we feel great about our blogs, changes are ruining it. LOL I’m sure it won’t be the last time either.


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