Akismet – Or the Secret Infiltration Of Our Blogs

A few weeks back I was going through my comments, since I had to approve a few of them, and was informed that I had something like 70 spam comments. You can see the spam file here, just when you’re in your comments:

Once again curiosity-driven I went through the spam file and scrolled through the different attempts. And I realized something: while a few months ago, these ‘cyber-impostors” were simply commenting on our blog posts, they had found out they might be more successful replying to one of the comments on our posts.

While a year ago, sales companies for mattresses, online drug stores, and internet Viagra were trying to use our blogs as a sales platform, this time I found that Russian sex sites tried the same thing.

I saw the statistics and realized that the number of spam comments was almost as high as my regular blog comments. Can you imagine if Akismet didn’t exist? We would be drowned in mattresses, bad internet Viagra and Russian whores.


I admit at this point I’m grateful for Akismet and WordPress protecting us from the worst. Some trigger words might make them turn a regular comment into a spam comment, but by going through our spam file regularly, we can still catch them.

Without Akismet our blogs were unreadable, and we would have to give them up.
I recommend you keep track of your spam folder to help them improve their service.

Happy blogging!

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9 thoughts on “Akismet – Or the Secret Infiltration Of Our Blogs

  1. I always take a sort of sick pleasure going through my spam comments and tracking the links on a quarantined computer. One can learn the most fascinating things! But, agreed, Akismet is a blessing, even when it accidentally eats a legitimate comment.

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  2. Isn’t that crazy! I haven’t been on my WordPress for a bit. I do get e-mails saying so and so has signed up for your blog, and I check out there link through my e-mail without opening anything. I am paranoid about the trolls. I have had one computer compromised by inadvertently downloading a program.
    When I was super active on my site, I was thankful for Askimet too. I have said this before, I sure wish people would use their brains for helpful applications as opposed to the detriment and scamming of people that they do.
    Thanks for posting this AJ!

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    1. I know exactly what you mean. We all have to be extremely careful with what we permit and what links we download.
      It was my pleasure posting about it. I think someone should mention it… Akismet is all quietly cleaning up in the background. Easy to forget.


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