A Lost Friendship?

Years ago I found a friend

funny, caring, faithful and true.

I love her a lot and still she’s gone.

I wish I knew where I have failed you.


Doesn’t friendship mean ‘together’,

no matter how hard the times may come?

Friends may laugh and they may cry,

they even argue, when it’s troublesome.


But the love should carry them together

through friendship, life; through thick and thin.

Your friendship means the world to me

no matter where I was, I will be, or I’ve ever been.


Should I have hurt you, then I’m sorry.

You know me well, this I would never do!

As my friend, can you forgive me

and let me get it right for you?


One of the bases in the past years

was our friendship in my heart.

You have just left and yet I miss you.

My safe haven broke apart.


Your wisdom and your humor,

the way you laugh and talk with me

this is what I miss so much now

I’d hug you, on the count of three!


In case what I have done now

cannot be fixed, it is too bad…

I’ll still remember you with my love

helpless, clueless, and unbelievably sad.


(Copyright Aurora Jean Alexander, May 2018)

Picture courtesy of http://www.google.com

8 thoughts on “A Lost Friendship?

  1. Really heart-felt Aurora. Felt your sadness. One fickle friend and one true….(plenty around more’s the pity!) Loyal friends are worth their weight in gold. Have a fun weekend! xx

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  2. So many friends that are no longer part of my life. Some have died. A few became very bitter enemies. But I lament the loss of contact with so many others. They just seemed to evaporate away and I don’t know how or why. There is no way to reconnect and we knew each other in most case by only a first name or nickname. You make think that strange but that was all that was needed at the time. Sometimes I feel cheated by their absence and wonder if they think of me.


  3. Hauntingly beautiful. It is always an aching hollow sense when a friendship ends or a friend leaves and we are left wondering why. Too many, I have too many where people have vanished. Now I see it that friends come and go into our lives, they teach us things and sometimes when we’ve learnt what the universe wants us to, the friend moves on. Maybe to help someone else. Maybe to gain help themselves.


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