Characters and what or who inspires them – by Aurora Jean Alexander…

Today, our furry friend, The Story Reading Ape, published one of my gest posts. I’m very honored and flattered. Thank you so much for publishing it on your blog, Chris! ❤

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When I start developing a character sometimes, I construct the person in my head; then I start writing down how she/he is going to be. First the ‘shell,’ then the inside. I very rarely ‘use’ someone I already know… someone I have met or is familiar to me.

It’s more that sometimes I recognize later, after the first draft, when I’m typing the book into the computer, that I find similarities with people I know.

This one time it’s a bit different.

A couple of months back I met a new co-worker of mine. She’s simply beautiful with her shiny black hair, blue ocean deep eyes, and her open, symmetrical heart-shaped face.

We talked about her descants and found out; she’s Irish. After talking to her and listening to her wonderful Irish accent, I decided I would love to use her as one of my main characters in one of…

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7 thoughts on “Characters and what or who inspires them – by Aurora Jean Alexander…

  1. Thanks Aurora (and Chris…) Characterisation is fascinating, isn’t it?! Whether, it’s a completely ‘new’ flight of fancy or a composite of two/three people, it’s fun to ponder on their habits, foibles and various traits.And the older you get (believe me…) having met more people along the way, it gets pretty crowded ‘up there.’ My present character ‘work-sheet’ is based on a lovely lady I knew who lived until she was 95, Despite having polio and suffering untold pain at times, she was upbeat,knew the lyrics of many songs, was widely travelled, had many talents and a great sense of fun. In fact she’s perfect for my present need. Onwards and upwards.

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    1. Thanks great, Joy. So far this was the very first time I based a character on a real person. The others are ‘created’ from scratch. It is a different kind of work right now because I already have her in front of my eyes.
      Thanks for sharing your experience.


  2. Great article. Building characters is a long process and it’s never too soon to start working on them. In my case, I have a good idea of who the character is but as I write they tell me more about themselves, almost like getting to know someone in real life. Some of what they tell me I use, other bits I save for a later time or piece of work. But the one thing I do with all my characters is compare them to people I’ve met in life so I can balance making them believable and easy to relate for the audience. Well done!

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  3. Taking different characteristics from the people I know, have met, or simply observed here and there and making them into a conglomerate of a main character, sidekick, or even a villain is something I love to do. In the case of the villain, it’s usually someone I thought did a great good job in a movie or on TV. But my characters are always a composite of many people. On rare occasions, I have asked people if they would mind my using them as a character in one of my stories and everyone is very willing, but they never come out exactly like that person. Maybe that’s a good thing.

    Being Irish, I completely understand the draw to using your co-worker for a character. LOL Best wishes on all you do, Aurora.


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