Writing Your First Book – Where Do You Start?

Don Massenzio supports us by sharing his experience as a successful writer. Where do we start when writing our first book? Thank you very much for all your support, Don!

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Every time I attend an author event, there is always the attempt to separate authors into the two camps of those who meticulously outline and those that write completely by the seat-of-the-pants, affectionately known as ‘pantsers’.

I sat and listened to the virtues of these two camps and decided that I am firmly planted in a third camp. I don’t outline every chapter, but I do like a road map. I consider my method more visual and less rigid than outlining, but, to continue the road map analogy, I don’t like to just get in the car and go in whatever direction the road takes me.

I do let my characters and their personalities drive within the conscripts of my loose road map, but I don’t confine them to one road. If they want to take the scenic route, I’m open to that.

So, how does this process work, I’ll…

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6 thoughts on “Writing Your First Book – Where Do You Start?

  1. Putting it boxes like this always gave visual structure and I taught the method to my AP students for their essays. Intro box and conclusion box and then 3-6 boxes in the middle for points you want to make in proving or disproving the intro statement. It seemed better than regular outline. A good way to write an essay and a good way to study for essay type test. I told them to memorize several words for each box which would become paragraphs instead of trying to memorize an essay in entirety. When test begins write you boxes in the margin. It’s like a legal cheat sheet and great memory device. Also makes sure you include necessary points. Assistant principal called it mind mapping. Same method for term paper.

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