Just In Case You’re A Blogger Running Out Of Ideas

Jenn Hanson-dePaula presents us 100 new blogging ideas on ‘Mixtus Media’. Thank you Jenn! We really appreciate your efforts!

One of our most popular blog posts from the past few years was called 50 Blog Topics for Fiction Writers. I had a conversation with a fiction writer who said, “I write fiction – why would I need a blog? What on earth would I write about?”

That conversation inspired the blog post. And from the response that we got, it was a question that many fiction writers were asking as well.

For years I’ve heard from publishers, agents, and authors that they didn’t think blogs were necessary for fiction writers. I 100% disagree.

Blogs provide three important benefits for authors:

1) Value. A blog, podcast, video blog – whatever medium you want to use – is still the best way to show readers (and potential new readers) the author’s writing style, and it provides a long-form medium (relative to social media posts) to develop deeper interest and intrigue into their new book.

2) Traffic. A blog is the best way to drive traffic from social media back to the author’s website, which makes them, their book, and online presence more visible by helping with search engine rankings and social algorithms.

3) Connection. We don’t want readers to stay on social media – we want to drive them to the author’s website. A blog is the best way to deepen the connection between an author and their readers.

The purpose of a blog isn’t for a writer to talk about themselves. The purpose of a blog is to provide content that speaks to their ideal reader.

If you’re a fiction writer and you haven’t seen success with your blog, I would like to pose a question:

Are you using your blog as a means of promotion or to connect with your ideal readers?
If you want your blog, social media, book marketing, and so on to work, you have to come at it from the perspective of your ideal reader.

To read the 100 new topics for fiction writers to get you going, go to:

100 NEW Blog Topics for Fiction Writers

19 thoughts on “Just In Case You’re A Blogger Running Out Of Ideas

  1. Thanks, Aurora. Very helpful. I do think though that anyone imaginative enough to be a writer should be able to come up with fresh ideas as soon as they get up in the morning (unless hanging-over…) Whether living on your own or with a family, the list is endless: First ‘happy to have own space’/ or feeling claustrophobic with such a large family and only one bathroom?!?! Conditions in said bathroom after a male/female has used it. And just think of all the products used there and how LONG it takes some people to monopolize them!! Question the pricing of said products/what the heck is that rash appearing on little Tommy’s bottom?/Oh no the dog/cat/lizard has just been sick on the new rug and you haven’t even had breakfast yet and it’s still only 8 am…You could write a book on different angles of just one day. And I didn’t even mention running out of loo paper…I believe James Joyce did once!.On the former that is… Best wishes.

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