My Mirror, My Face and I

Dear face,

After all these years of our cooperation, I thought I’d send you a letter. Just in case you’re asking yourself what the reason for this outpour is, there are several.

First, I’d like to say that I know it wasn’t always easy with me. Sometimes I have wanton neglected you, provided you with too much sun, too much snow or salt water. I let you experience dirt, mud, heat, ice, height, wind and air that cold, you nearly froze. I withheld the cream you needed, the humidity and once in a rare while, I paved you with makeup.

We both have come a long way together, and you went through so much with me, I felt I owe you an apology.

It’s time to realize; we’re facing the time when we aren’t silky and smooth anymore.

I discovered one thing today: you provided me with laugh lines. Nobody knows better that I love to smile and it shows. Thank you for them!

You don’t make me look grumpy and old – you make me look radiant, no matter what I put you through.

And I promise you something: no matter how deep these laugh lines get: I will never try to hide them by filling them with powder. There’s no reason. You show my humor. This bone flour is nothing but an agricultural damage.

You and I will be together for another very long time, and my laugh lines will get deeper. Maybe gravity will kick in. (Believe me, you’re not alone; the rest of the body is in that process too.)

But no matter what we’re going to face together, I hope we’ll never be losing our smile, our laughter, the sparkles in our eyes and our laugh lines.

I know I wasn’t always happy with you. But I figure, all in all, I could have gotten it worse.
I want to say thank you for going all the way with me – and I wish us both good luck for the future.

(Copyright: Aurora Jean Alexander, June 2017)

Published before: June 14, 2017 on ‘Writer’s Treasure Chest’

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13 thoughts on “My Mirror, My Face and I

  1. Hi Aurora, Written with good grace! Hurray for you.

    When you reach my age, you’ll seek out the best places to sit – the light makes ALL the difference. You might like the poem I wrote ages ago which highlights the problem…
    I am reflective by nature,
    Like people, I am fashioned in all shapes, sizes and colours.
    Kind to the young,I can be cruel as the years to the mature and elderly,
    sharing with them what they could not have imagined
    and would not have wanted to see
    sixty years before.

    Mostly, I am truthful;
    but can also be a sorcerer –
    when nature’s light is at the right angle
    and candle or moonlight lend subtle subterfuge.
    Sometimes, I can be generous and give
    back what is desired:

    Hugs, Joy x

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  2. This says it was published by you before, but I hadn’t read it until now. My face, now 73 years old, has a lot more laugh lines, gravity HAS sunk in, and age spots have appeared, but I still make the effort to keep it pleasant…mostly by smiling. A good/nice smile can cover a multitude of “sins.” LOL

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    When ‘lines’ were what you got in school…
    they now, with sadness, faces rule.
    But safe inside life’s magic rules .
    for while ‘rich’ in years
    we are no fools.

    Hugs, Joy x


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