Elements of fantasy: Writing a more magical story – from Now Novel…

On The Story Reading Ape’s blog I found an interesting article about the elements of fantasy writing. Thanks so much for this link, Chris!

Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog

What makes a fantasy story? Our first instinct might be to answer ‘magic’ – spells, mythical beasts, potions. Yet fantasy contains multiple key elements. Read the following simple breakdown of elements of the fantasy genre and tips to write magical, fantastical tales:

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Readers Crave Stories with a Twist: Tips for Writing Great Plot Twists – Written By Kristen Lamb


When it comes to stories, everyone LOVES a good twist. Whether this is in a movie, short story, or a novel audiences LOVE to be fooled. Twists and misdirection can not only cultivate passionate fans, but they’re crucial elements that keep any story from the dreaded label…”formulaic.”

Who wants to spend precious time with a movie, am HBO series, or a book that anyone with one eye and half sense could predict the ending?

I believe the greatest compliment any story can earn is the surprising yet inevitable ending. When we craft a story, ideally the reader will finish and say two things.

I never saw that coming and How did I NOT see that coming?

Word wizardry is not easy, so a colleague of mine has been generous enough to write a guest post for today. C.S.Lakin is a fantastic speaker and teacher. She’s here to teach us to TWIST, BABY, TWIST!

Take it away, Susanne!

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Tips & Tricks to Get More From Your Facebook Advertising Budget

Thanks a lot for more tips and tricks and all your help and hard work to keep us informed, Nicholas!

Nicholas C. Rossis

You may remember Ilan Nass of Taktical Digital from his recent post, The Essential Facebook Metrics for Authors. This post, also by Ilan, can be considered as part two. It was first published on Istomedia’s blog.

Tips & Tricks to Get More From Your Facebook Advertising Budget

Facebook mobile | From the blog of Nicholas C. Rossis, author of science fiction, the Pearseus epic fantasy series and children's bookFacebook is the world’s largest social media network, and that means that it offers some of the best online marketing opportunities available. While this large potential audience is great, you have to consider the fact that your advertising content is in competition with the more than 5 million advertisers on Facebook.

It’s not enough to simply have a Facebook page and post some ads; you have to find ways to make your ads attractive and make the most of the opportunities that are available. One option is to partner with an experienced Facebook advertising firm that knows the ins and outs…

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August & September 2018 Writing Submissions & Contests – by Rachel Poli

Thank you so much for all your hard work on keeping us updated, Rachel!

August 2018

Genre: Nonfiction
Theme: Grandparents
Website: Chicken Soup for the Soul
Deadline: August 31, 2018
Entry Fee: N/A
Prize: $200

Genre: Fiction
Website: Glimmer Train
Deadline: August 31, 2018
Entry Fee: $21
Prize: First – $3,000

To see all contests, please go to:


…ambition – to be the youngest centenarian ever… whaaa???

Read, what Master Gallacher has to say when it comes to aging. 😀

Seumas Gallacher

…I’ve come to the conclusion that ‘Age’ and ‘Ageism’ are two of the vilest inventions that Man has ever devised… by charting the passage of time vis-a-vis how long I’ve been physically on the planet brings a mountain of potential booby traps… scientifically, I will not deny that bodily change occurs in every human being… but there’s too much emphasis on specific numbers that tick off the pile of years that I’ve survived thus far… it’s not a race to the grave… I know when any such contrived ‘race’ started for me… its called the Date of my Birth, but I have no desire to guesstimate when the ‘End Date’ is supposed to be…  my comedic God, (now Sir) Billy Connolly says, ‘don’t call me middle-aged, ‘coz that presumes I’m half way to that as yet unknown ‘End Date’… another of his other beautiful epithets covers ‘Acting your…

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