The Log-Line: Can You Pitch Your ENTIRE Story in ONE Sentence? – Written By Kristen Lamb


Today we’re going to chat about log-lines. Some of you might be wondering if I was trying to give you a heart attack with my title. Maybe you think this feat is impossible. AN ENTIRE NOVEL IN ONLY ONE SENTENCE?

Maybe something simple, plebeian and commercially formulaic *flips hair* but ART cannot be forced into a box.

Yes. Yes it can.

I know, I know. Your novel is over four-hundred pages with made up technology and wizards and folding space using enchanted Thigh Masters….

I hear you. Calm down.


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2 thoughts on “The Log-Line: Can You Pitch Your ENTIRE Story in ONE Sentence? – Written By Kristen Lamb

  1. Great article but as a writer of Murder Mysteries I find it a bit daunting to suggest that I could, or would, even try to pitch my stories in a single sentence, I don’t care how busy Stephen Spielberg is !
    My trade is to keep you guessing until the last gasp your idea scares me….

    Take for instance your example, “The Green Mile is about the lives of guards on death row leading up to the execution of a black man accused of rape and child murder who has the power of faith healing”.

    Now that I have read that why would I want to read the Book ? To me, an entire novel in one sentence
    just sounds like pandering to the Twitter Culture.

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  2. You know, I understood that the one-sentence should give us a hint to the story but of course not do what your ‘Green Mile’ sentence just did, tell everything clearly enough that the movie or book won’t be interesting anymore. We should, I guess, tickle the interest and curiosity.
    Even though I’m the first one to admit: I can’t do it. My sentences have the tendency to become too long. LOL


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