My Personal Top Ten Blogs For Non-Fiction


Lately, I had not much to do and was thinking about the blogs I follow. From A through Z there are blogs of fiction authors (yes, the one or other has written a book, based on a true story, of course!), but I don’t deny I prefer reading fiction.

There are several reasons for that. For once: there’s plenty of horrors, cruelness, blood, killing, and death around. I prefer reading about all this where I can be sure it never had happened.

And second: I’m an empath, reading true, sad and horrible stories make me cry like a puppy and getting nightmares occasionally.

Occasionally I like reading history and biographies. (Provided they’re not biographies of bloodsoaked dictators who should have died in jail in Den Haag… but that’s a story for another time.

While I’ve been thinking about non-fiction books I had to admit non-fiction writers don’t get plenty of attention from me – and definitely not enough recognition!

I spent days to research blogs that are written by non-fiction writers or dedicated to non-fiction books.

To me, the following are the best of the ones I found:


I have to say I need to give non-fiction authors more credit than I did until now. Their work is as hard as ours and I wouldn’t want to go through all the research, the fact-checking and everything they have to come up with to make their book a success.

Let’s say they’re experts on something, or someone and write a book about it, one tiny mistake can ruin them forever. My respect, therefore, is extremely high!

Are you a non-fiction writer? Do you know a non-fiction writer? Let us hear about your/their writing process and how it is to work with facts more than relying on fantasy. Let us know. We’re curious.

5 thoughts on “My Personal Top Ten Blogs For Non-Fiction

  1. An interesting post, Aurora. Re writing fiction and non-fiction….The main reason I write is because I love words: the sound and look of them. I’m just as happy writing articles, poetry, short stories or books.BUT…I like the basis of my work to be around fact mostly. So, when I wrote my only novel THE CATALYST, I used the terrible terrorist attack in London in 2005 as a platform for the story (lots of research and checking which I enjoy) as I lived in the suburbs, travelling and working in London in the past and could imagine being on one of the trains attacked.The bulk of the story follows two protagonists (one saves the other), their separation to different hospitals and their progress after recovery. I concentrated on the positive side of human nature, how friends and family pull together at such times and how humour plays such a large part in survival. You’ll have to read it to discover whether the couple is reunited.. .(Amazon and Kindle). Best wishes. Hugs Joy xx


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