Hiding & Hibernation – A Riddle

I’m cute and cuddly, without any fail

four legs, two ears and a useful tail.

I’m moving quite fast with barely a break

searching for food from seeds to a cake.


My nose it is constantly sniffing for something to eat

my feet never stand still, not on tree nor on street.

There are many of us in different sorts

we love playing, complaining and even play sports.


In autumn we’re eating, preparing to sleep

some food we do bury, sometimes too deep.

Even though we go sleeping when winters are cold

we are homeotherms, truth to be told.


Several homeotherms often share a cave or a den

we never sleep through winter, have to get up and then

trying to search the food in the ground

but sometimes we hid it too well, it was never found.


Up to two times a year our babies are born

we take care of them together, as it was sworn.

They come into this world, naked and blind

their fur non-existent, their paws intertwined.


We eat almost everything, hungry we are

for food we are running, not close but quite far.

up a tree and across fields, sometimes it needs guts

but the food we love most, are definitely nuts.


As cute as we are, please, don’t catch us in nets

we are wild animals and don’t make good pets!

I guess you know what we are and you’re not to blame

Let me introduce myself: Squirrel my name.


(Aurora Jean Alexander, Copyright December 2018)

Picture courtesy of: https://ind.pn/2EjWDjp

11 thoughts on “Hiding & Hibernation – A Riddle

  1. I enjoyed the puzzle and the poem but you missed out, second stanza second line “my feet never stand still, for we are tasty meat” Dogs, Foxes, Wolves and Cats all love a squirrel. A shame methinks. I know some think of them as rodents but I love a sharp quirky nature. Love them.

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    1. You know, to be honest: from what I know a ‘City’-squirrel in Southern California has a life span of about 18 months and neither dogs, cats, foxes or any other animals are their killers – no, it’s cars. In other environment squirrels might become a bit older and a very patient fox or cat might catch one here and there, but looking at squirrels mainly as prey… that’s not me. But thanks for your great comment – and of course for reading the riddle poem! I really appreciate it!

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  2. Perahps it is simply because I live in a rural area with a large population of foxes, I see squirrel carcasses here and there and occasionaly find one in my back garden. I am unsure however which animals are catching them. They are very nimble and very fast so it is difficult to imagine them being an easy prey for any animal. The last one I saw caught was by a stoat but I cannot imagine Stoats, ferrets, weasels, mink etc being a big problem as they are few in number. Certainly cars take thier toll but it is more often moles, badger, deer and rabbits we see here, crushed. Oh and hedgehogs, which is such a shame as they are such unassuming creatures and too slow to avoid the cars.

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