Promote On Writer’s Treasure Chest

It’s 2019 and ‘Writer’s Treasure Chest’ soon will celebrate its 4th anniversary.

I am very proud to have this blog up and its success and progress are significant. I thank all followers and readers for making this such a pleasurable experience and great adventure for me.

There is, however, one thing that I’d like to extend even more: The chance for many other writers to use “Writer’s Treasure Chest” as a promotional platform.

Do you feel like trying how it is to publish blog posts?

Do you have anything important to say?

Would you like to show up on this blog?

Do you have a book to promote?

Use “Writer’s Treasure Chest” and contact me for

a Blog Tour

a “Featured Author Interview”

a “Guest Post”

So many things are possible, and I’d like to give you a chance to introduce yourself and your work here!

For once I used the contact form within a blog post and hope you will use it!


Generally, ‘Writer’s Treasure Chest’ does have a contact form on the right side, as a widget.

It is always there! Check it out and contact me, I’ll be delighted to work with you on your plans, your guest post, your blog tour or send you the sheet with the interview questions!

I will be proud to have you as a guest on ‘Writer’s Treasure Chest’.

9 thoughts on “Promote On Writer’s Treasure Chest

  1. Hi Aurora, My first two books did very well /back in the 1980s…with a mainstream publisher (Kogan Page Ltd., London.) Fast forward to 2,000 (business and three sons in between) TECHNOLOGY happened and I push when it says PULL, HEY HO! I won a few poetry and short story prizes but when it came to publishing via Amazon/Kindle and doing most of my own promotion, whoops! Sales slumped. My memoir MY GENTLE WAR was No.1 in the memoir and social history category for a while but sales were not good and I’d like to highlight my book again. Also, the novel I wrote THE CATALYST, based on the true terrorist bombing of a London train in 2005 and what happened to two of the protagonists, received little publicity when handled by Amazon & Kindle. Again, I’d love help in giving it an airing. I’d be most grateful for any publicity, Aurora, and would be happy to send you a brief bio. etc., Many thanks. Hugs. Joy xx…

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