A Writer’s Guide… to Sword Fighting – Written By Morgan Morrow

On Ari Meghlen’s blog, I found a fascinating blog post about sword fighting. I think it might be interesting particularly to fantasy writers. It is an article, written by Morgan Morrow, a writer, sword fighter and martial artist. Thank you very much for all the information Morgan!

Sword Fighting

by Morgan Morrow

A love of Swords

I’ve always loved stories featuring heroes wielding swords. That love eventually resulted in my finding and joining a dojo that teaches a school of kenjutsu dating back to the warring states period in Japan.
My years of practice have given me an insight into sword fighting that I think is fairly uncommon in this day and age. My experience is limited to the katana, but I feel like much of it could apply to other swords and other fighting styles as well.

Using a sword

Firstly, swords are generally expensive weapons and they are not indestructible. Trying to cut through someone’s sword is unrealistic, but hitting it broadside and shattering the blade is not.


To read the entire blog post, go to:

A Writer’s Guide… to Sword Fighting

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