Writer’s Illness – What Sitting Too Long Is Doing To Your Body

It seems writers are at high risk due to their sitting job, to get different illnesses caused by sitting too long.

Who of us doesn’t know the situation that just when we are writing a particularly demanding scene in our book, we have to get up? Our back hurts, our eyes burn, our legs seem to be on fire, our feet are numb, and we have to go to the bathroom. And still, we ignore all these signs that scream at us to get up and walk around, and we continue concentrating on finishing our scene rather than giving our body some relief.

Studies show that sitting too long can cause serious injuries and damage to our body and can even kill us.

Some of us, in our long writing careers, can face health problems like:

  • weight gain, weak muscles, and resulting diabetes
  • poor blood circulation, possibly causing thrombosis, heart disease, cancer, and even brain damage
  • posture problems, resulting in chronic neck and lower back pain
  • eyesight problems
  • anxiety and depression

In other words, this means: sitting in front of a computer like a pretzel, hour after hour isn’t doing our bodies much good.

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There are, indeed, several workouts and exercises for us to practice while sitting, and in particular after getting up. We all know, when writers are inside their story they don’t like to get up. We have no idea when writer’s block might hit, we’re on a deadline, or we forget our body. All reasons are insufficient. A short walk to relax our eyes, our neck, our back, our brain, to use our muscles, get the blood circulating and our heart working, is a good thing!

Very important is to make sure our computer, keyboard, and monitor are set up for us to use it in a healthy way. Our arms and hands, our neck and spine and our feet will thank us.

And one more personal advice: get a massage once in a while. It’s relaxing, helps our body, and refreshes our brain. We’re working hard, we deserve some pampering.

Let’s keep us healthy and remind ourselves that we need to be in good shape to write a good story.

40 thoughts on “Writer’s Illness – What Sitting Too Long Is Doing To Your Body

  1. I know that I spend far too much time sitting, but at 75, I am not able to exercise as much as I would like, due to various health constrictions. I do gentle yoga in the mornings and stretch as much as possible during the day, so not doing too badly!

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  2. I have been dancing since I was 3 years; I do ballet, jazz, ballroom, modern dance, and contemporary. However, I had surgery a few months ago and I wasn’t allowed to bend at the waist almost two months and the muscle tone that I lost was incredible. Add to that seating writing for hours on end…took its toll too. Now, I am standing in my kitchen using my counter top ( quite large and wide) with my Laptop and research material for my novel, 2nd draft. I refuse to sit down all day anymore. At least I can do leg exercises and use my body weight (110 pounds) to help me build my leg muscles again, I was shocked at the loss of muscle mass from just sitting and/or lying down, Thank you for this great reminder that writers are at risk for everything you have stated. (I am also an RN and a Nutritionist).

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  3. Exxellent share Aurora. Sadly, I can relate to so many of those symptoms. I’m always trying to find the perfect newfangled thing for my posture but still haven’t found the golden goose. 🙂


  4. Excellent advice. I myself like to keep my monitor in a raised position, so I can set up a make-shift riser for my keyboard so I can stand up and work from time to time. Plus, I do yoga and some dance exercises to keep from being too sedentary.


  5. Good advice and I walk..twice today..My smartwatch has a little green man who buzzes and waves to me if I am still for too long so even if I run up and down the stairs a few times I do something…I learnt the hard way what sitting too long does… Thank you, ladies, Good share, Debby 🙂 xx

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  6. MASSAGE? Did someone say MASSAGE? I think that’s a great idea. Booking one now. 🙂
    Also, like Carol above, my watch vibrates when I’ve been sitting too long. TIME TO STAND, it says. I sigh. And stand.

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  7. Hello! Great article. As writers and bloggers, I think we need to be reminded of this every so often. I like to set the timer on my iPhone for an hour and every time it goes off I stretch out, exercise, walk my dog, clean, or whatever as long as I’m moving. Regular stretching and exercise are important. Thank you for the reminder. 😀

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