A Tribute To A Wonderful Cat

On paws as soft as velvet
I was approaching you
I needed food, I needed a game
So, I told you what to do.
When I entered your home six years ago
You already had two cats
Beautiful, big, calm and sweet
Huge paws, green eyes and ears like bats.
No matter how cool they both were
With me they were a little cross.
It only needed one rage outburst
And I became their boss.
You told me you loved my kitty voice
So, I talked a lot with you
We cuddled and played many times
And the connection between us grew.
Then I got sick, I was in pain,
I felt your horrible inner strife,
While you tried to hide your grief from me
I watched you fighting for my life.
For eight months we both have worked
With my vet, no matter how much it cost.
But one day, five years ago you had to see
That the battle for my life was lost.
With tears in your eyes, you prevented the worst
The pain in your face, you didn’t want to show
You helped me to the rainbow bridge
Holding me in your Mommy arms, you quietly let me go.
The last thing I felt before I left
Was your kiss between my ears
The last thing you whispered before I was gone
“I love you, girl”, blocked by all your tears.
I know very much after all these years
My loss in your life still plays its part.
But we both are still a unity
I left my paw prints on your heart.
But Mommy, don’t worry about your cat
I know you loved me so.
Believe me, here I wait for you
To the day you will have to go.

(Copyright, Aurora Jean Alexander, February 2019)

25 thoughts on “A Tribute To A Wonderful Cat

    1. Thank you very much, Allan. It’s quite some time ago with this girl… and still it seems I’m not over it. I thought it was a scar, but it’s not (yet)… occasionally the wound is still ‘bleeding’. Those are the days I miss her most.


  1. Aurora, this is sad and beautiful. We have a rescued kitty, a male, strawberry-blonde tabby. I’ve sent five guide dogs off to wait at the Rainbow bridge, but never a cat. He came at a time when we needed something that couldn’t have been named or hoped for. And, if we had received what we did hope for, it wouldn’t been as much as we have with him.

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      1. Well, it doesn’t make much difference – cat, dog or human – if you love them, it’s so sad when they have to go. I think the only thing worse than losing them is the thought of never having had them to begin with.

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  2. Dammit AJ. 😘
    I weeping a flood. Thank you for sharing your beautiful tribute to Cherie. I remember the pain you suffered when she crossed over the rainbow bridge and I know you still miss her the same. You have such an immense love for your fur babies and the are blessed to have you as their fur mommie.
    I love you Sweetie.

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