Surprising Uses for Business Cards – Written By Joan Reeves

Author Joan Reeves provides us with a phenomenal idea on her blog: different, surprising and extraordinary uses for business cards. Thanks so much for this post, Joan!

I still carry business cards. Do you?

Actually, I carry several cards that are standard business-card size, that is, 3.5 inches” x 2 inches.

Only 1 of these cards I carry is a traditional business card. That’s it to the left. On the reverse side of it, I have my website and blog links.

If you’re wondering why an author should carry business cards, this post is for you.

I order my cards from Vista Print because they offer quality card stock, they’re inexpensive, and I can upload my own design or use one of theirs. The card above is an old one, and it uses one of their stock designs.

If you want something even more affordable, print your own with Avery Clean Edge Business Card.

Just be sure you get the correct ones for your printer. Also, keep it simple if you’re not skilled at graphic design.

To read the entire blog post go to:

13 thoughts on “Surprising Uses for Business Cards – Written By Joan Reeves

  1. Very useful. I still carry business cards and Helen just got some of her own for the “Forever Detective Series”. All of these suggestions are really helpful and useful because you never know. They’re especially helpful if you have a long odd last name like mine. People are always asking “How do you spell that?” at which point I whip out a card and they see I’m an author and tell me they’ll check out my site.

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    1. That’s a great idea. I consider getting business cards for that purpose too, but I’d like to wait until the second book in the series is published. Don’t ask me why… it just seems to make sense.


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