10 Weird Facts About A. J. Alexander

Lately, I was leaning back on the couch when the phone rang. One of my friends called me to tell me about her relationship problems and asked for my advice. We talked for nearly an hour and after we hung up and I was back in my comfortable position on the couch I remembered something about me and started laughing.

One by one several more facts about me crossed my mind and at the end, I decided to share them here. Maybe I can spread a few giggles.

Have fun finding out about A. J. Alexander:

  1. When I am thinking hard about something while I talk about a subject, I get up and walk around. It helps me thinking.
  2. I’m not a nail-artist-person. My fingernails are growing too fast and I consider a weekly manicure a waste of time and money. Sometimes my nails are growing that long they look like hawk claws and I clip them short to avoid damaging the keyboard.
  3. I can’t stand it when my feet are getting too warm. They start swelling and that makes me feel uncomfortable.
  4. I hate asparagus – it makes me throw up.
  5. I keep a Samurai sword in my bedroom, over the headboard of my bed. (I’d be curious hearing different opinions about the psychological meaning of fact #5)
  6. I love the wind. I’m not very vain when it comes to my hair and I love to feel the wind blowing into my face, through my hair and feel the nature around me. I’d be standing outside in wind force 12 if I wasn’t scared to be blown away.
  7. I love high heels but they’re not made for walking. They make my feet burn like fire and I get cranky.
  8. Even though I have three cats I am not exclusively a cat person. I love dogs as well and if I wasn’t working full time I would have a dog – a big one.
  9. I’m a Country Girl. I listen to Country Music, I love horseback riding and own boots.
  10. I like dancing in the warm summer rain.

If you have fun facts about yourself, please let us know in the comments section. We’re curious! 😀

16 thoughts on “10 Weird Facts About A. J. Alexander

  1. I know what you mean about the high heels, my God they are murder on the feet aren’t they. (never ask me about one Halloween… that’s all I’m going to say). Otherwise, nothing wrong with the rest. But did put a smile on my face. Cheers, my fellow ‘Weird’ friend.

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  2. I am in clined to believe you are in a small town like the tourists town. I am living, you remind me of a manikim in my niece’s store. ” Don’t get mad at me”, Horse and boots match the girls enjoy going for a ride on sundays in the dry season. A.J.A


  3. I don’t consider you weird at all, AJ. I walk around to think, too, am not a nail person (feel the same way about it), can’t stand my feet getting too warm, and I have a dragon sword hanging on the wall in my office and a broadsword from Scotland in the library. The wind blowing through my hair feels wonderful, love cats, dogs, and horses, and have a selection of boots (doesn’t everyone in Texas?). However, my preferred music is classical, traditional hymns, or anything from the Hobbit or LOR.

    Something about me: I have studied seven languages and the only one I can speak fluently is English. Well, there’s some debate about that as well. LOL

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