9 Pieces of Bad Publishing Advice New Writers Should Ignore – Written By Anne R Allen

Anne R. Allen provides us with bad publishing advice new writers should ignore. Thanks so much for your advice, Anne. We appreciate it very much.

Social Media is both a boon and a curse to new writers. Online writing groups and forums are an excellent source of insider information on the publishing industry—stuff we once could only find at expensive classes and writers’ conferences.

But social media is also a major source of misinformation and dangerously bad advice.

I belong to a lot of Facebook writers’ groups where I see newbies ask questions that get a bunch of conflicting responses. Sometimes when I see misinformation, I jump in to correct it, but often I can tell that resistance is futile. There’s such a wealth of bad advice that I don’t know where to begin.

I know some people can only learn that fire is hot by getting burned. Nothing a more experienced person says will change their minds.

But if you don’t feel the need to jump in the fire, here’s some popular bad advice you can ignore.

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4 thoughts on “9 Pieces of Bad Publishing Advice New Writers Should Ignore – Written By Anne R Allen

  1. Lots of great advice here, thanks so much for sharing. One of my fav’s is the part about not soliciting agents. I did that route for three years and it was because of one common reply I got that made me go Indie. Namely, none of them knew what category to put “The Bridge” under to even try to sell to a publisher. At the time paranormal/sci-fi wasn’t exactly a recognized niche by the companies. But they did raise some solid problems with my book that made me go back and do a big “Revising” of the story which in turn led to a much better final product.

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