A Kiss – A Memory – A Scene In The Book

It’s been a long, very long time I’ve been kissed the last time. I already started feeling like an old withered shed on the edge of the woods.

But last month, exactly April 18, at about 1 pm, after lunch, I experienced the sweetest, cutest kiss in about ‘a century.’ It wasn’t an ‘intimate’ French kiss, as some would suspect. It wasn’t a long, lustful, greedy ‘smooching,’ nor was it just a peck.

It was a gentle, soft touch of lips, filled with affection and attraction, tender and delicate.

Someone else might think: “Where’s the point? What’s the big fuss about it?”

That kiss, however, didn’t go out of my head. In silent moments I remember it and catch myself wistfully smiling at the memory.

Currently, I’m writing book seven in ‘The Council Of Twelve’ series and yesterday the story turned into a situation where a kiss like that would be just the perfect thing to happen.

But for some reason, I cannot describe what I felt when I got that kiss. I’m at a lack of words for my emotions.

Now I’m lost. I’m writing paranormal romance. In the six books, I wrote for ‘The Council Of Twelve’ series, I described several scenes with wonderful loving and tender kisses – and each one of them is good the way it is.

But in this case, I don’t know how to describe my own experience and wake the feeling I had when I got that particular kiss a month ago.

What am I doing wrong?

Does anyone have a hint or tip for me how to do that? Did anyone try to interlace their own experiences into their stories, and how did you do that? Let me know in the comments. I need your help. Thank you.

P. S. I was asked about the man who kissed me that day – I hope you’ll understand I won’t mention any names here. That’s my secret.

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13 thoughts on “A Kiss – A Memory – A Scene In The Book

  1. You obviously felt ‘something special’ Aurora. Did it make you feel “Light as air and filled with a delicious tingling I urged to stay…” or “The first embers of a fire I couldn’t wait to ignite,” or “So wanted, so ‘at home’ as if I had found my answer…” Or maybe none of these?

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  2. When I wrote We Shall Overcome, I’d had no sexual experience. I only included one sex scene, which didn’t have a lot of detail. Frankly, unless you’re writing a romance, details about how you felt when you kissed him aren’t relevant to your story. We Shall Overcome isn’t about romance. It’s about overcoming fears and stereotypes associated with disabilities. There just happens to be a romantic relationship in the book.

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  3. I often think back on experienced kisses. Especially the first kiss. And I use the memories to describe some kisses in my own stories. Here’s something from one of them, and you’re welcome to use what might fit for your story, AJ.

    “…he lowered his lips to hers…The room spun. A tingle ran through Lynne’s arms as she wrapped them around his neck. Butterflies burst into flight in her stomach. His lips were firm but warm. His muscular arms held…”

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  4. Maybe the sentence you already have (It was a gentle, soft touch of lips, filled with affection and attraction, tender and delicate) is enough. Let the reader draw on their own experience to fill in the gaps. You can always come back to that part when you’ve written some more of the book. An idea for describing it may strike you further on in the story.

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