Moodboard Of My WIP

I’m currently drafting book 7 in ‘The Council Of Twelve’ series. It is quite some work. By a list of blog post ideas, I felt challenged to publish a mood board of my work in progress, using 9 pictures. It took me forever to decide what the most important parts of the plot are and how to express them. Then I had to pick the images and, of course, spend another few hours to choose the ones I think express best the feelings of the story.

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This is the mood board of book 7.

I hope I could give you an impression of how the emotions will be within this book, caused by the story and the plot.

This is the first mood board I ever created. I’m curious to read in the comments what you think about it.

14 thoughts on “Moodboard Of My WIP

  1. I’ve never heard of a mood board before, but it makes sense to me. And looking at this one, you’re going to put us on quite a roller coaster for book 7. Looking forward to it. If I were to describe what I’m seeing in one word I’d say “Powerful”. Well done.

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    1. I never heard of a mood board either, until I came across it somewhere online. But it sounded interesting and I thought I’d just try.
      I hope you’re going to like book 7. But, let’s say, we’ll get over book 2 in the series first. LOL


  2. I think it’s a great idea and can’t wait to start my next WIP to use it, AJ. I had to laugh at the pictures you chose. They sure are descriptive. Can’t wait to find my own pictures. I may even try finding some for my current WIP which is in the final stages or editing now. I think they’d be a kick used at the book launch party. Thanks for the great idea.

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