Watch The ‘Sundance’ Trailer

I’m very proud to be able to show you the new ‘Sundance’ book trailer! Literary Titan once more did such an amazing job, thank you!

Currently, Sundance is ready for pre-order: See here where you can get it:


Check it out on the ‘Literary Titan’ blog

Sundance Is Ready For Pre-Order

Coming August 10, 2019

The second book of “The Council Of Twelve” series


Sundance is a promising young Warrior Angel, the first in centuries to join the Divine Army. With the help of one of the most powerful Archangels, her skill and talent develop, allowing her to master some of the most difficult tasks that face her kind.

Sundance, under the supervision of the ‘Council of Twelve’ seeks to prove that she deserves her unusual gifts in the eternal fight between good and evil.
Follow her adventures as she discovers love, fights the good fight, and finds herself in the heat of battle trying to keep her wings from being singed.

Watch the trailer here:




Soul Taker Quiz – And The Winner Is:

July 1st I published a link to the ‘Soul Taker’ quiz for readers. The quiz was open until July 20, 2019.

Once again, I want to thank the participants for your efforts and for making me a happy and funny time with your responses.

The winner will get an e-book version of the next book in the series, ‘Sundance,’ which is going to be published August 10, 2019

Here are the quiz questions and the correct answers:

What is Katies most secret dream job?  To become a warrior

Who is Katie’s successor when she leaves her former job?   Nathan

What is Katie’s hair color?   Honey blonde

Katie meets a quite famous angel a while after she starts her new task. What is that angel’s job?   Warrior

What color are Raphael’s wings?   Similar to the wings of a hawk

One of Katie’s tasks is to help an older woman. What’s her husband’s first name? Jonathan

Katie meets the Council Of Twelve. Twelve of the most powerful individuals existing. Which are the names of four of the Council?   Zachariel, Gabriel, Santanael, Centriel

After the big battle, Katie meets a horrible bloodthirsty creature wearing a butcher’s apron. What’s its name?   Abbraxas

When Katie and Raphael celebrate, there is one Archangel quite sad and Katie comforts him. What’s that Archangel’s Nickname?  The Moon Angel

Katie makes a very nice female friend nicknamed needle. What is her real first name?  Aylah

(Yes, I know, the questions aren’t the easiest. But I wanted to quiz to be a challenge.)
The winner is:

Miss Jasmin Luethi, Switzerland


I will personally contact you within the next few days.


It was such a pleasure to play with you all and I hope you will participate in my next quiz even more numerous and enthusiastic as in this one.


My Article On ‘’ Has Gone Live!

I’m very proud to present the article I wrote for ‘’ earlier this month.

I was asked to write an article for that website and I’m quite honored about that. Enthusiastically I started writing and I hope very much not only the ‘Brainhackers’ readers are going to have a good read, but also my readers here on ‘Writer’s Treasure Chest’.

You will find the article here:


Brain Lethargy – Age Or Technological Development


Let me know in the comments how you find it please, I’m curious.

Public Libraries: How Authors Can Increase Both Discoverability and Earnings – Written By Jane Friedman

Jane Friedman provides us with an excellent informative article about public libraries. Thank you so much, Jane.

When you see headlines discussing the staying power of print and the decline of ebooks, it’s important to remember those headlines are describing only sales of traditionally published books. Such headlines aren’t factoring in other market trends, such as digital subscription services, self-publishing, and—perhaps the most overlooked sector—library lending.

In 2017, OverDrive (the largest digital content catalog supplying libraries and schools) recorded 225 million ebook and audiobook checkouts around the world. To put that in context, consider that—during the same year—US traditional publishers reported 162 million ebooks sold.

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What’s The Best Free Passive Voice Checker? – Written By Derek Haines

Derek Haines provides us with a list of the best free passive voice checkers online. Thank you very much, Derek.

Are you looking for a reliable passive voice checker?

That’s an excellent idea. You should always avoid using the passive voice in writing as much as you can.

But sometimes it isn’t easy to spot when you are doing a quick proofread of your text.

A much easier, and more accurate way to locate a passive sentence or passive construction is to use an online checker.

There are many free online tools you can use to help you. The bonus is that many of them will help you find other grammar errors and spelling mistakes as well.

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Get the Most out of your Social links with Linktree – By Ari Meghlen

Ari Meghlen introduces us to ‘LinkTree’, a fabulous site where we can store our links and just share the LinkTree URL instead of constantly listing all our links everywhere. But let her explain:

I don’t know about you, but the number of places I can be found on the Internet seems to be growing.

While I don’t do much on all my social media platforms, it can be good to have a presence.

Thankfully, my blog allows me to automatically post on some of them, keeping them active enough but without me putting in more effort (no one has time for all that!)

But this means I have a ton of links to share. That’s where LinkTree comes in.

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Trying to Make Your Story “Unique”? Beware of These Common Pitfalls – Written By Justin Attas

On the ‘Jane Friedman’ blog, Justin Attas wrote a guest post about three common pitfalls and how to avoid them. I find this an energetic, educational and interesting blog post which I thought I needed to share.

Today’s guest post is by novelist Justin Attas (@justinattas).

Writers always seek to produce a unique story, hoping readers will choose their book from the increasing pool of what’s available. But this can lead to creating a character or story that is “different” sheerly for the sake of, well, being different.

I’ve found three dangerous pitfalls for writers struggling to stand out:

  • “Strong” female characters
  • enemies-to-lovers storylines
  • Leading characters who are damaging, not damaged

Luckily for anyone struggling with one of these tempting story blackholes, there are ways out of all three.

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