The Soul Taker Quiz Is Closed

July 1st I published a link to the ‘Soul Taker’ quiz for readers. Thank you very much for your vivid responses, which were as fantastic as also manifold, and I had a good time.

The quiz is now closed, and I am going to determine the winner and will announce it July 25, 2019, here on Writer’s Treasure Chest.

The winner will get an e-book version of the next book in the series, ‘Sundance,’ which is going to be published next month.

Stay tuned!


To the ones who didn’t yet read ‘Soul Taker’:

You might want to think about reading it before the ‘Sundance’ release day. You can buy it here:

Amazon Ebook US
Amazon Ebook UK
Amazon Paperback US
Amazon Paperback UK
Amazon Kindle DE
Amazon Paperback DE
Barnes & Noble