Soul Taker Quiz – And The Winner Is:

July 1st I published a link to the ‘Soul Taker’ quiz for readers. The quiz was open until July 20, 2019.

Once again, I want to thank the participants for your efforts and for making me a happy and funny time with your responses.

The winner will get an e-book version of the next book in the series, ‘Sundance,’ which is going to be published August 10, 2019

Here are the quiz questions and the correct answers:

What is Katies most secret dream job?  To become a warrior

Who is Katie’s successor when she leaves her former job?   Nathan

What is Katie’s hair color?   Honey blonde

Katie meets a quite famous angel a while after she starts her new task. What is that angel’s job?   Warrior

What color are Raphael’s wings?   Similar to the wings of a hawk

One of Katie’s tasks is to help an older woman. What’s her husband’s first name? Jonathan

Katie meets the Council Of Twelve. Twelve of the most powerful individuals existing. Which are the names of four of the Council?   Zachariel, Gabriel, Santanael, Centriel

After the big battle, Katie meets a horrible bloodthirsty creature wearing a butcher’s apron. What’s its name?   Abbraxas

When Katie and Raphael celebrate, there is one Archangel quite sad and Katie comforts him. What’s that Archangel’s Nickname?  The Moon Angel

Katie makes a very nice female friend nicknamed needle. What is her real first name?  Aylah

(Yes, I know, the questions aren’t the easiest. But I wanted to quiz to be a challenge.)
The winner is:

Miss Jasmin Luethi, Switzerland


I will personally contact you within the next few days.


It was such a pleasure to play with you all and I hope you will participate in my next quiz even more numerous and enthusiastic as in this one.