Only Five Days Until Sundance Is Available!

The ‘Sundance’ Countdown is on!

Book #2 of ‘The Council Of Twelve Series’ will be published

August 10, 2019

Currently ‘Sundance’ can be pre-ordered:


Sundance is a promising young Warrior Angel, the first in centuries to join the Divine Army. With the help of one of the most powerful Archangels, her skill and talent develop, allowing her to master some of the most difficult tasks that face her kind.

Sundance, under the supervision of the ‘Council of Twelve’ seeks to prove that she deserves her unusual gifts in the eternal fight between good and evil.
Follow her adventures as she discovers love, fights the good fight, and finds herself in the heat of battle trying to keep her wings from being singed.


Mark your calendar: Release date is August 10. 2019