An Hour Of Relaxed Reading

For the first time since I moved, I felt the need for an hour of relaxed reading.  In my former home, I had a deep enjoyable bathtub which I filled up with wonderfully warm water and bubble bath and spent an hour or 90 minutes in the tub, reading an amazing book.

I prepared everything for another relaxing hour today, book, glasses, scented candle, water…

I was looking forward to the tub and the reading… until I realized, the tub was far too small for me. It might be good for a bath after being dirty and muddy… but it definitely is not comfortable enough to read in… not five minutes, not even three minutes…

That means, I will have to read somewhere else than in the tub – or I move into a home with a big corner-tub.

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Do you ever read in the bathtub? If yes, how long are you staying? How much do you enjoy? Do you read your e-reader or do you prefer regular paperbacks? Let us hear about your reading preferences in the comments. We are curious.


10 thoughts on “An Hour Of Relaxed Reading

  1. I enjoy reading in the tub. But I would really love to have a garden tub! I usually spend maybe a chapter in the tub before the water gets too cool. I prefer paperbacks but I am trying to cut back the amount of paper that I own. I use prime reader.

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  2. I know just what you mean about an hour of relaxed reading in the bath… ❤ I can't do that anymore, but have wonderful memories of days gone by. When our two daughters were growing up, I scheduled a one-hour date with my bubble bath and a great book every Friday night! My favorite time of the week for more than a decade. Today, I read both eBooks and paperback and generally have one of each in the works. Paperbacks for daytime and travel (if I'm the passenger, eBook for bedtime and on the go appointments. Happy reading! ❤ xo

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  3. I haven’t taken a bath in years. I’ve been showering because it’s faster and more convenient, and it saves water. Now, even if I wanted to read in the bathtub, I can’t because I no longer have one. After my late husband and I moved into this house over ten years ago, we took out the only bathtub and replaced it with a roll-in shower that he could more easily access. You see, he was partially paralyzed by two strokes and couldn’t walk.

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