When Nature Prepares For Hibernation

September 25, that’s what the calendar shows

The days are getting shorter and warmer the clothes.

Go, look outside, watch the leaves how they fall

It seems nature is packing once and for all…


The things that had once been fresh and bright green

turn yellow and brownish it’s quite a sad scene.

Youth has been coming and going started in spring

only six months later it’s gone, not more than a fling.


Once again, on the grass, we can see morning dew

The air’s cooling down, nature gives us the clue

with the things we are missing already today

it seems to me, Nature’s leaving, it will not stay.


It’s packing the heat, and leaves us with none

it’s taking the blossoms, the green and the sun.

It’s wrapping the leaves, the flowers and blue

and we can stay with the gray – and the flu.


Nature packs suitcases full of itself

And leaves nothing but cold and snow on the shelf.

It seems to me it will hibernate somewhere in the wood

and returns next spring – provided we’ve been good.


And here I am, telling you: no complaint in the rain

keep it together, however hard be the strain!

We should look forward, be happy, and dance and sing

for our Nature returns the colors next spring.


(Copyright: Aurora Jean Alexander, September 2019)

Picture courtesy of: https://unsplash.com/collections/1147628/fall-and-autumn-wallpapers

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