5th Halloween Poem Contest – And The Winners Are…

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The jury has decided!

Today I’m writing representing the Jury of the 5th Halloween Poem Contest 2019.

The winners of the contest are:

Halloween by Donna Matthews

Don’t let them in by MacKenzie Tastan

The Witching Hour by Valerie Cruz

(The winners are listed in order of their submissions)

Thank you so much for your amazing poems, winners! You will get an email today.

Our three winners of the contest can choose one of the offered e-books.

Signed Paperbacks with a T-Shirt of Hiding from the Light – OR – Winter’s Ghost – OR – The Painting written by Raymond Walker
E-book of A Horse by Any Other Name: A Doctor Butterbaugh Mystery – OR – E-book of A Girl and Her Dog: A Short Story – OR – At the End of the Rainbow – OR – What you wished for, written by Sherry Perkins
E-book of “Soul Taker” – OR – ‘Sundance‘ written by Aurora Jean Alexander


It was a difficult decision for the jury. But we had a lot of fun and want to thank all poets for their wonderful poems.


Thank you, Raymond Walker and Sherry Perkins for their jury work and offering one of their books to the winners. I appreciate your help and support!

Now, please permit me a word on my own account:

The Halloween-Poem Contest has brought us all a lot of work and fun and many wonderful Halloween poems, showing how much talent there is around.

However, it also showed us, with this year having the lowest number of participants, that our poets have shown all their skills within the Halloween theme. 

After five years of organizing the Annual Halloween-Poem Contest and hosting it on ‘Writer’s Treasure Chest,’ I think it is time for something new.

It was five years of fun and I wanted to thank everyone, all participants, and in particular all jury members from the first to the last contest, for making this a wonderful experience for me! Thanks so much for all your work, your help, your support – and the wonderful books you offered as prizes in the five years! You all are amazing, not only as authors but also as wonderful friends!

Good Bye Halloween-Poem Contest. It was great.

A. J. Alexander

21 thoughts on “5th Halloween Poem Contest – And The Winners Are…

  1. (Shameless Plug) The torch has been passed though! The theme? La amour of course! Be on the look for the first annual Valentine’s Day Poetry Contest over at freelancewriterjannyc.com! Entries start January 15th, 2020. More info to come at a later date!

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  2. I’m sorry you didn’t have the turnout you wanted, but maybe people just got busy. I fully intended to write one, and could not. I told myself I would do it next year! 🙂

    I hope you host something, so I can kick myself into gear and fulfill my self-promise.

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    1. I know people are busy – aren’t they always?
      You know, I hosted the contest for five years now – and maybe the lack of participation just told me it’s time for something new.
      There’s nothing wrong with that.
      Currently, I have an idea in my head that I’d like to develop for another little while… then we will see what the result will be.

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  3. As a jury member I would like to congratulate not only the three winners but also all those who took part. It was really difficult deciding upon the winners as the entries were all great. I was delighted and surprised by the standard of the poems submitted. Thanks to all the poets and best wishes for the future with all your works..

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  4. To be honest I did very little other than read a few poems. You arranged the contest and gathered the competitors. I think that all the poets and judges should give Aurora a big round of applause for hosting the competition.

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