Writing that First Chapter: 10 Do’s and Don’ts for Starting Your Novel – Written By Anne R. Allen

Anne R. Allen’s new post informs us about 10 Do’s and Don’ts for starting a novel. Thanks so much for helping young authors with your blog post, Anne. I’m convinced that’s very helpful – and not only to young authors.

I’ve had questions from several writers recently about how to approach a first chapter. New writers hear so many rules about what they must do in the first line, first paragraph, and first chapter that they can feel paralyzed, afraid to write a word.

Let’s hope that NaNoWriMo is helping some of you fight that paralysis!

Yes, there are a lot of rules about writing a first chapter, but the truth is there are as many ways to start your novel as there are writers.

However, some openers are better than others for enticing a new reader, and beginning writers tend to fall into tired patterns that don’t always work. I know I did. We need to remember that the modern reader expects a story to start on page one.

So don’t take these as hard and fast rules. Professional writers break them all the time. They’re just tips. But they might help you in dealing with those first chapter blues.

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2 thoughts on “Writing that First Chapter: 10 Do’s and Don’ts for Starting Your Novel – Written By Anne R. Allen

    1. Same here. I thought it was a surprising idea and I had to say, good advice. I decided to try it too. That does not mean I won’t write anything that first chapter. But there’s nothing wrong with re-writing it after finishing the first draft?


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