Introducing A Great Place To Write II

It’s been quite some time since I wrote about a great place to write. But a few weeks ago I found one. It was quite unexpected.

It’s getting cooler here… yes, even in Southern California autumn is visible and feelable. A couple weeks ago, I knew I’m going to be cool sitting outside and writing, and there was a breeze that can make writing on paper a bit uncomfortable at times. Besides, I hadn’t eaten that day and was a bit hungry.

I discovered ‘Mimi’s Bistro & Bakery’ in Thousand Oaks and found it inviting on the outside. I decided to go in and see if I could stay for a while, eat, and write.

It was homey and cozy inside as well, and I had a wonderful waitress, called Melissa. They have a quite attractive menu here:

I told Melissa who I am and what I planned, and she beamed like the sunshine and invited me to stay as long as I liked. She paid really good attention to me, did not constantly disturb me, and counted on me looking at her if I needed something.

I was in Mimi’s Bistro for about three and a half hours and loved it! The food is great, the staff was wonderful and polite, and since then, I had been back at ‘Mimi’s’ and enjoyed the ambiance and Melissa’s service again. Drop by and enjoy it!

That particular location of Mimi’s Bistro and Bakery can be found here:

Thousand Oaks
400 N Moorpark Rd.
Thousand Oaks, CA 91360
Phone: (805) 373-6161

If you ever go there, to eat – or write – or both, and you see Melissa, please tell her I said hi. She’s amazing!

6 thoughts on “Introducing A Great Place To Write II

  1. I had to share this on the group forum, AJ. What a find. Wish there was some place like Mimi’s near me. Most of the places I’ve been to here in the Houston area are way too loud for concentration. But in my post on the group forum, using your blog, I asked if any of the members have a special place they like to go to write. Maybe one of them will be nearby. 🙂

    Glad you found this jewel. Thanks for telling us about Mimi’s. My sights are set to find her equivalent.

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    1. Thank you very much for sharing my post, Sharon. I really appreciate it. See, there are people being able to study at Starbucks or create complicated financial tables on Excel in a public park. Many writers write in their own private parlor, windergarden, or office because they can concentrate best. I have the ability to write almost everywhere (maybe except a Metallica concert) since I am able to ‘sink’ into my story and literally ignore the real world… many can’t… I’d be curious to hear about other writer’s favorite places to write.

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      1. I’ve never been able to ignore what happens around me. Maybe it has something to do with being a light sleeper at night, and always waking up when my little children turned in bed, or something. But that’s just me. I can concentrate well on what I’m doing, but I prefer a quiet place to write. Glad you found your special place.

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