Looking For A Character Name

As the author of ‘The Council Of Twelve’ series, I admit, I’m a bit proud of twelve quite impressive characters, if I may say so. Of course, even though, so far, only two books in the series have been published, there are many more to come. A series of books usually holds many more characters than a mere dozen.

During the progress of the series, things are changing, known characters stay, others leave, some have to go, and new ones are introducing themselves to us. And these characters not only need to look (which this one I’m writing about now, already does)… he also needs a name.

Usually, I don’t have problems finding names. I wrote in an earlier post, ‘Character Names – Worth A Research,’ how I usually pick names for my characters.

This time it’s different, I’m afraid. I picked many names – but only can have one… and I cannot decide. Would you please help me?

My character is a tall, muscular man with bronze-colored skin and long, straight black hair that reaches down to his waist, and dark eyes. He’s got a good, strong heart, is loyal, a little bit stubborn, and holds great dignity. He likes to smile, but he takes his calling seriously.

Name                 Meaning                                                             Origin

Admiel              Land of God, a  variant form of Adam           Hebrew

Asariel              God is my aid                                                    Hebrew

Ethanael           God has given me strength                    English/American

Sariel                 Prince of God                                                    Hebrew

Immanuel        God is with us                                                   Hebrew

Indraneel         Sapphire                                                             Arabic

Jaromiel          Strong, fierce, favor, grace                               Slavic

Jeremiel          God lifts me up                                                  Hebrew

Kadmiel           God is my East                                                  Hebrew

Nahuel              Jaguar                                                                Mapuche


I’d really appreciate it if you could let me know what do you think. Which name would match the character I described? What name would you pick if you had that character in your book? Or what name would you like to read in one of the following books in the series?


I’m curious about what name you will decide on, and I can barely wait to see the results. Thank you for your help.



12 thoughts on “Looking For A Character Name

  1. Lol- my wife would say that you have missed out the name; Jason Momoa. I think that all forms of Azrael have been used too often the same applies to Emmanuel and Indarael. But I would suspect that you are pretty safe with the others. Personally I would go for Nahuel as it sounds rather dark exotic and dangerous.

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  2. I voted for Kadmiel both for what it means and for the fact that it’s a little easier to pronounce in my head that most of the others. Your readers will be trying to pronounce this name every time they come across it.

    The choice was actually a toss up between this one and Sariel for the same reasons. Kadmiel won out because it sounded more masculine than Sariel.

    Hope this helps, AJ. I look for names that the reader won’t have to trip over and are easy to remember so they’re not distracted from the story. Best wishes on your upcoming book.

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  3. Actually after reading your description of him I could thing of no other name for him than “lucky Bastard” I know. But hey maybe will work.

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