A Cat Owner’s Guide to Preventing the Spread of COVID-19 – Written By Cary Vaughn

This is such a funny, true, heartwarming, and caring blog post, I couldn’t resist to re-blog. Thanks for your humor – and your cats, Cary!


To most, a cat owner is often stereotyped as being asocial or a solitudinarian. To these shallow cretins, people with cats are as pestiferous as the agoraphobic, online gamers, and those with an addiction to porn so severe it makes God ashamed for inventing sex organs. But 87% of you who are reading this know the truth: cat owners can be just as social as any average person; therefore, they bear just as much responsibility for preventing the spread of COVID-19 through social distancing as you.

But cat owners have an advantage, a built-in defense against socialization that 74.6% of households lack: the combination of a lap and an entitled cat.

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6 thoughts on “A Cat Owner’s Guide to Preventing the Spread of COVID-19 – Written By Cary Vaughn

    1. It is SOOOOOO my pleasure!! Not only, because I’m the Mommy of three of these rascals… also, because I LOVE your writing style and your humor. I wish one day we could meet for coffee. I’m sure we’d have a fun time, full of laughter and cat antic exchange. LOL

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  1. Oh this was great, thanks for sharing it. We who own, or in my case… have been OWNED by, a cat know the truth in these words. We pay the rent/mortgage but they own the place, everything in it, including us. LOL!

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