Demon Tracker Blog Tour – DAY 6 – Raymond Walker’s Blog

Raymond Walker is a long year author friend of mine who was immediately there when I called for help for this Blog Tour. He’s a talented writer and great to work with. Thank you for your amazing Blog Tour post for the Demon Tracker Tour! I value your friendship!

I do not often participate in such things as “blog tours” but on occasion a writer will catch my attention for all the right reasons. One such is A.J. Alexander. A.J. Is a Fantasy author from across the pond, you can easily find her blog “Writers treasure chest” and she has a new novel out, so I decided to host her here on my blog tonight. I think that many of you will enjoy her works.

A.J. Is a very different writer from me even if we often share a genre, her style straightforward clean and easy to follow. I think you would find her books a pleasant change from my arty Dickensian monstrosities.




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