Another Form Of Writing – Love Letters

Humans are able to feel so unbelievably strong emotions: Love, hate, reflux…

                                                                                                                     – unknown –


When did we stop writing love letters? When was the classic ‘love letter’ a relict of the past?

In my opinion, technological progress has not only killed a lot of our ability to communicate but also our ability to write, maybe to be romantic…

Where did these little notes go?

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From what I hear, nowadays, people send each other texts. They start dating, sending texts, women are hurt when their love interest doesn’t text back within five minutes, the rate of misunderstandings within text messages is enormous, and often couples argue by text, and at the end, break up by text. It’s so much easier to send short messages, than to say what we feel… or: in this case, to write it down.

I recommend picking the right stationery. It doesn’t have to be pink with hearts… but tasteful and a bit romantic.

You don’t have to be a writer to express honest feelings by writing them down. When you’re not sure about grammar and spelling, please hand the letter over to someone you trust to correct your letter. There’s nothing worse than your love interest roaring with laughter about your ‘meestakes.’

Maybe you might refrain from rhyming, in particular when you’re not used to writing poetry. In a love letter, it’s important to be true to how you feel and not try to impress.


I would walk on my knees in front of you

show you how much worship I can do.

Your heart, it pulses, it feels like a shock

in accordance with my …. uhm… soul.


And no, this is definitely not a verse for your love letter. (Unless you have a really humorous partner, of course).

Write what’s deep in your heart. Express what’s in your head, let the other one know that he/she is important to you. There is a choice of words that are important for your letter:

dream, feel, sense, love, thinking, love, heart, missing

Feel free to add more words to the list, in particular, important ones… they don’t need to have to be important to us, but to you – and your loved one.

Maybe you know each other for a while; maybe you are a couple already and have gone through a lot with each other, or maybe you want to tell someone how you feel? It doesn’t matter. As long as you express your deepest emotions and be honest, your letter is going to touch your recipient’s heart and soul.

Let me give you an example… a letter, addressed to someone who wishes to start a relationship, expressing affection and hope.


Dear …..

We met through a phone call. When I particularized my situation, you immediately consented to help me. What a big heart you have! You didn’t have to, and still, you supported me. You were always there for me! We talked, and our conversations brought us closer.

We met a bit later personally, and that meeting only confirmed that I found who I was looking for, someone to trust, someone to feel safe with, someone to hope…

Our conversations, these endless, wonderful, humorous, and informative conversations… I cannot deny I’m addicted to these conversations. I love talking to you, I love hearing your voice, I love hearing your laughter, and when we don’t talk, I miss you… and I wish, one day, I would hear the same from your lips.

I wish I could hear the birds sing with you, I wish I could listen to the rain with you, I wish I could see you soon, I wish, I wish, I wish… you are someone special. I hope, one day, I will be able to tell you that, without embarrassment or humiliation, without any awkward feeling, but with a warm smile,  and maybe with a hug.

With all my heart


I know, this is far away from  Do you love me, yes/no/maybe. But it is clear, honest, and emotional. And that’s what you want when you write your love letter.

(Of course, you can hire someone to write your love letter. And yes, I do that occasionally, even though it’s not cheap). But that isn’t how it should be. A big part of a love letter is that part that you send with your words: your heart, your tears, yourself.

Good Luck!

12 thoughts on “Another Form Of Writing – Love Letters

  1. It is a dying art i’m afraid. I once wrote love letters to a girlfriend long gone. I had good stationary, Nice slim parchment and squared envelopes. I wrote with a good pen and well tell her of my past, my days away from her and my hopes for the future. Less often, she would write to me. I did not mind that I sent more letters. I lived in hotel rooms at the time and she had a house to keep and a young daughter to care for. Strangely however that was one of the reasons (not the only one) that we split up. When staying with her I found a letter from me she had not even bothered to open. In a way I did not mind, I often wrote a load of drivel (as I am wont to do even now) but I opened her letters upon receipt as I always wished to know her thoughts.
    Lol- so there is a downside to the love letter. Trust me to make a happy discussion depressing.

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  2. Hello my dear friend! Finally got access to my old poetrybysharla email account:-) Yay! Now maybe I can get back in contact with some of my writer friends. Glad I found your site first! Love this post. You do have a way with words! Later and I will be back for sure…got a lot of catching up to do.

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  3. A beautiful post with much heart and thought put into it. I’m pleased to say my wife Helen has kept just about every letter we exchanged when she was away at college. They are something we both treasure to this day.

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    1. That’s so wonderful to hear. Thanks for sharing these memories with us. We’re honored. I’m afraid I used to get a couple letters – but the men who wrote them pissed me off at the time and the letters burned. LOL


  4. Thank you for reminding your readers of this amazing form of art. My husband and I are together because I wrote him a letter after I met him. Half of my blog traffic comes from my love letter posts

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    1. Thank you very much for sharing your personal experience with us, Juliette. That’s a great honor! I’m not sure my post is as successful as your posts with love letters usually are. 🙂


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