You Got Your First Bad Review: Congratulations! – Written By Anne R. Allen

Anne R. Allen wrote the perfect blog post about the first bad review, and I would recommend every young/new author to read it. She writes with compassion and humor. Thanks for this one, Anne! You rock!

I’m not sure anything stings as much as that first bad review. You’re riding high in triumph. You finished the project that may have taken decades to complete. Then you survived the crushing editing/ querying/ rejections/ revising/ editing again process. But now you’re finally a published author.


Whether the publisher is yourself or the Random Penguin House, the feeling is the same. It’s your baby and you just gave birth. You are experiencing a moment of bliss.

And then…splat.

That review. Somebody hates your baby. They really hate it. You are a talentless hack and a worthless defiler of language. They say you should never write another word and suggest you take up underwater basket-weaving or making throw pillows out of dryer lint.

And it hurts like #$&@.

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2 thoughts on “You Got Your First Bad Review: Congratulations! – Written By Anne R. Allen

  1. Thanks for sharing this one, I know so many writers/authors who were so taken aback by one bad review. We all need that reminder that those negative-nellies are not always right. Our work just wasn’t for them. Or in a number of cases, it’s just someone trolling and trying to tear you down because you did something amazing and they are jealous. I take each negative review with a grain of salt. I look over the book to see if there is any validity to their complaints and then look at what others are saying about the book. If they’re in the minority, then I don’t give them much more thought. IF there was an issue that was valid (technical in the transfer of the original file or screw-ups that somehow got missed) then I go fix them and admit, “Hey, I goofed. But now it’s fixed, thanks for letting me know.”

    We just got to keep moving forward in the end.

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    1. You react on these as we writer’s should. We all know not everybody likes our book. But sometimes it’s even obvious they didn’t bother reading the entire book… Some ‘reviews’ are just ‘rants’, you’re right. We need a thick skin to get our work out there.


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