A. J. Alexander’s Writing Assistant #3

On April 9, 2020, I published a post about how I got my ‘Baby Boy,’ my ‘Writing Assistant #1‘. A couple weeks back I published my Writing Assistant #2.

In my first Assistant post, I published about 2 feet of information about Maine Coon cats. In this post, I’ll spare you from the same information. If you like to read about it, go back to the first post.

Instead, I’m going to introduce you to my second ‘Baby Girl’, my ‘Writing Assistant #3’.

This girl, too, is a pure breed Maine Coon cat, including beautiful Lynx-tips. Indeed, this one is a former ‘Best of Show’ champion.

After I got Charlet, I saw, her breeder had a breathtaking Calico Torbie female. I told her: “I never wanted a third cat, but if you EVER retire that one, I’ll take her in. She laughed and informed me she had a waiting list.

Surprisingly, a few months later the breeder called me up and asked me if I would keep my word and take her in. She said, the beautiful kitty had a bad delivery with her last litter and she needs to be retired, but also she had arthritis and was barely three years old. That’s why the entire ‘waiting list’ didn’t want her anymore. Of course, I kept my word and picked her up. Only a short time later I realized the kitty had difficulties eating and I took her to the vet… long story short: Esme had cancer and after fighting for her life for eight months, I had to admit we lost the fight and I had to have her euthanized. She fell asleep in my arms, Jake was with us…

When we got back home, it took me a while to realize that Esme had taken over the pack lead from Charlet. I had not known that and was surprised that Jake and Charlet started fighting badly and Charlet scratched and bit Jake seriously a few times. They had to figure out again who was the boss and even after months they could not decide. I had two cats who couldn’t stand each other anymore.

Finally, I knew I had to give them something else to concentrate on. A kitty would have been a possibility. They would have to focus on the baby and would stop fighting. (or Charlet, as a former mother would have pulled the kitten to her side and they both could have sided against Jake).

I never had a kitten before and was considering getting one. I heard of a breeder having two litters with Maine Coon kittens. Of course, I had the chance to cuddle with the cutest kittens on Earth.

Picture courtesy of Google.com

But then, somehow, I did not have the right feeling. I sensed that I was about to make a really bad decision. I told that to the breeder. She seemed disappointed. And started to hand out treats to her adult cats… and there I saw her. An elegant, breathtaking pitch-black panther cat, with a beautiful bushy tail and green eyes…

I asked the breeder: “Erica, this black cat… you don’t consider giving her for adoption, right?” She started laughing. I was a bit disappointed and said “I understand… she’s far too beautiful.” But Erica shook her head. “No, that’s not why I’m laughing. But before you arrived I talked to a breeder friend of mine and told her, that I would soon retire Tjara from breeding, since she’s 4 1/2 years old, almost five. But I have two litters with kittens, who will want the five-year-old cat? You are now the first one checking out the two litters and you’re asking if you can have the adult cat.” We laughed together… and the cat I fell in love with, was mine.

Usually, when I take cats home, I’ll keep them separated for a few hours, in the room where the litter boxes are, prepare water and make sure they relax and start getting the smell of their new home.

This cat didn’t last even one hour. After twenty minutes she scratched the door and demanded to see the rest of her new home. I laughed, shrugged, and said: “Good Luck.”

Jake and Charlet were waiting outside. Tjara licked Jake’s nose and let Charlet hiss at her. Then she walked through the rest of her new home. After about half an hour, she sat on the carpet, looked around, looked at me, and seemed to say: “New home? New Mommy? New subordinates? Fits – MINE.”

She had taken over the pack within not even an hour and is the boss ever since. Not even two days later even the connection between Charlet and Jake had normalized, that’s how strong Tjara is as a pack-leader.

I’m very proud of my strong kitty-cat. She rules with an iron paw, but at the same time, she’s helpful and cuddly.

Here we go:


19 thoughts on “A. J. Alexander’s Writing Assistant #3

  1. She is GORGEOUS. I’ve only recently come across Maine Coons (thanks to Debbie Manber Kupfer’s P.A.W.S. books). But if I had a cat, (which I won’t as my husband cant stand them) it would have to be a Maine Coon. I don’t know if you can get them in the UK.

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  2. I so envy you having such beautiful cats as your overlords. I miss mine terribly and we could technically have a cat here in our apartment. However, both Helen and I have noted that since our last fur-baby passed I’ve had a lot less asthma issues inside our home, so for the moment we’re keeping it that way.

    Still, if you believe in ghosts, I’ll share this with you. Avalon (our last black panther/overlord) is still with us. I know this because several people have seen her following me/Helen around. Including two friends who knew Avalon but had not known she’d passed away.

    On one memborable visit to us, one of our friends turned to me and said pleased she was to see Avalon had adjusted to our then “new” apartment. (Note: Avalon had passed away before we moved and had never been in the new place). But both our friend and her husband had distinctly seen a small black cat-shaped figure, with a tail raised just like Avalon always had, following me around as I took care of some laundry. These days whenever I hear a noise or something falling over Helen and I will call out “Okay, Avalon. Stop midgeting and behave.” (we always called her antics midgeting) And sure enough things will go quiet.

    Sorry to ramble, but your post really got me thinking about her. Plus, as we all know “Kitties ROCK!” Enjoy your furry master and mistresses.

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    1. Thanks for sharing your story about Avalon!
      I’m glad you feel better with your asthma… but, of course it’s sad you don’t have a cat anymore.
      Still, you got Avalon. She must be convinced you can’t survive without her. 🙂
      Sending you and Helen hugs.


  3. Beautiful cat, AJ, I can see why it was love at first sight. All our cats (all Persian, one black, one ginger, one white) were adult rescue cats we got when in the Middle East (and brought back to UK) – sadly, all passed on now. 😺

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  4. They are all beautiful. Lol- I do not have any any pets. My neighbors do (they think that they have five cats. Another neighbor thinks that she has three) Three of the five are sleeping in my shed right now and two of the three are sitting in my back garden waiting to be fed.
    Lol- I have no pets, Except all the pets that I have around. None are mine but they think that they are.
    How do I tell them that they do not live here?
    I have told them in plain English but they keep coming back. Lol- I always consider myself a gruff difficult person, disassociated from real life. Too much in my own head. Yet animals and children always love me. Tis’ weird.

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    1. Kids and animals sense a good heart. It’s not weird, it’s logical.
      As for the kitties in your neighborhood… FAR too many people believe their cats stay around their own house and sneak around their own backyard… HAHAHA
      What you have is a backyard several cats claim as their own territory because you don’t have a cat of your own… cat territories go in circles around their house in about a four miles radius… a male cats/tomcat’s territory in around a six to seven mile radius. Many people feed them, thinking they have a new cat, without knowing they eat in different houses within their territory… LOL
      That’s why I have indoor cats. They have my home as their territory and they only eat here.

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  5. Beautiful story, AJ. Heartbreaking on one end and delightful on the other. I’m so happy you had some time with Esme and were there for her at the end. And I’m thrilled that you have Tjara to rule the house and bring peace and order. She’s beautiful.

    In my youth, I had a black cat named Lucky, Not original, I know, but I was only ten. He was not a coon cat, but one with a very THICK coat. Wrapping his paws around both legs like a tight hug, he used to tackle my ankles when I came home from school. It became a ritual of sorts. LOL I loved it.

    If I could have a cat now, I would, but we have Susie whom we rescued from the SPCA, and I’m not sure she would approve. Susie was terrified of everything when we first got her, but now she’s my therapy dog and writing assistant #1. Her bed is in the corner of my office.

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