The Best Fiction Story Ideas Come From A Simple Question – Written By Derek Haines

Derek Haines informs us on his blog about the fact that the best fiction story ideas come from one simple question. Thanks so much, Derek!

on Just Publishing Advice:

If you are writing fiction novels or short stories, you need story ideas.

Nothing happens on a blank page, and looking at it is the worst way to start writing.

A lot of writers use creative writing prompts, but they aren’t the best way to come up with original ideas.

Some writers wait for the muse to arrive, which usually works on a very unreliable schedule.

In This Article

Fiction story idea germs

Famous authors and small ideas
Ask yourself simple questions
Avoid writing prompts

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2 thoughts on “The Best Fiction Story Ideas Come From A Simple Question – Written By Derek Haines

  1. This was great and i agree with a lot of those authors. You never know where an idea may spring from, and for me some of the best ones spring up out of the blue. Then i just run with them. Or they run off with me… LOL! I cannot tell you how many times an idea basically jumped in the driver’s seat and told me to hold on.

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    1. Same here… you smell something, you see something, you hear something… and before you know there is this thought in your head – it turns out to be an idea – and you start knitting a first pattern around it… and there it is – the plot…

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