On the ‘Writer Beware’ blog, I found a new warning from scams. Beware, new authors, and read carefully. These are dangerous. Thank you so much for all your hard work, Victoria!


Posted by Victoria Strauss for Writer Beware®

I’ve written several posts about a fairly new phenomenon in the world of writing scams: scammers that falsely use the names of reputable publishing professionals, including literary agents and publishers, to lure writers into paying large amounts of money for worthless, substandard, and/or never-delivered services.
This time, I’m breaking down a very similar scam that, capitalizing on the pandemic-fueled popularity of Netflix and other streaming services (as well as the eternal writerly dream of having one’s book translated into film), is appropriating the name of Clare Richardson, Senior Scout for film and TV at the New York office of Maria B. Campbell Associates, to hoodwink writers in an unusually complicated–and expensive–scheme.
Here’s “Clare’s” initial approach:


9 thoughts on “DISSSECTING A SCAM: THE LITERARY SCOUT IMPERSONATOR – Written By Victoria Strauss

  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing this post. I haven’t had that one contact me, but there have been a couple I never talked about because they were so OBVIOUSLY a scam. But this one definitely is relevant, especially with all the new streaming services who actually are looking for new materials to turn into movies/series. Great job.

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  2. AJ, thank you for the information. Please go ahead and repost this on the Christian Writers & Readers Facebook Group Forum. It’s not promo day until tomorrow for blogs and websites, etc., but this is important information that needs to be read now, so at the beginning of your post, tell the readers I told you to go ahead and post it because of the importance.

    I was going to post it myself, but since you sent out the information from this site, I’d feel better that you did it. 😀

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