The Oscars 2021 – Fashion Post

For understandable reasons this years’ Oscars were different from the ones in past years. I wasn’t the biggest fan of the show, but heard from others they loved it.

I admit, while watching the Oscars this year I got a it bored and considered to leap my fashion post this year… but then I coudn’t resist.

However I decided to keep it short. Of course, there were a few nicely dressed and wonderfully styled beaming celebrity ladies. Let’s have a look at Margot Robbie, Zendaya, Amanda Seyfried, Viola Davis and Angela Bassett. Breathtaking! These are classy, stylish ladies, working hard to show us a formal look as we all hope for watching an event like the Oscars.

Of course, I’m convinced that many will name at least half a dozen people I ‘forgot’. But believe me, I didn’t. I just picked the ones that were most remarkable to me.

At this point I have to mention a wonderful actress beautiful and radiant, who I always considered to be unable to pick a wrong dress and can carry any haircut she wants and always will look amazing. Tonight I felt disabused. I’m so sorry, Halle Berry, but really? In my opinion your dress looked like a badly wrapped baby-shower-present, and that bob with the fringy too short bangs ruins your gorgeous face.

This paragraph now is dedicated to a few celebrities I consider understyled or underdressed. Elizabeth Keenan, Kaouther Ben Hania, and Mollye Asher. I’m sorry, but I think, that’s not enough for an Oscar event. Even if the event has been slimmed down, that doesn’t mean your styling needs to do the same.

Last but not least, my personal no-no! Please, Frances McDormand, you are such a phenomenal actress, you got the proof once again tonight! But your non-styling looks like you didn’t think it was worth dressing up for ‘that’.

Brad Pitt… a man bun to the Oscars? Sorry, as much as I like you as an actor, tonight it seemed you forgot to get ready on time and just threw something on and bound your unwashed hair… no-no.

Massive Fashion faux-pas, here we go.

Celeste Waite. To me that dress is already a mishap, but in combination with that clutch it’s a no-go.
In my opinion Andra Day didn’t wear a dress, but a few fabric panels irregularly sewn together, to only barely cover the most necessary spots. I think it looks cheap and tacky.
I’m so sorry, Laura Dern. I think you could have done better! That dress looks like you wore an exploded duvet…
Chloe Zhao. Congratulations to your Oscar! Well done! Unfortunately, I think, not so well done with your dress and non-styling. To me, the dress doesn’t do anything for your figure. In combination with those pigtails and the sneakers, I think it looks unflattering and even sloppy.

I hope you had fun with my fashion critics and had the chance to chuckle a bit. Have a great week.

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