Summertime – Sunshine – Warmth

Finally, the time is here

a time awaited, full of fear.

Can we ever again reach

out to others at the beach?


But finally we are in luck

we’re loading car and also truck

It’s time again, we join the fun

enjoying water, warmth and sun.


We can dine-in without a strain

enjoy our friends and chat again.

Precautions, they are needed still

But all in all, life is a thrill.


Positivity and laughter can be seen

to swim and walk, I am too keen.

We waited too long, we thought it lost

But finally, we all can defrost.


Enjoy the warmth, enjoy the heat

go out, swim, meet friends and eat.

Time runs fast, and before in gear

you’ll read an autumn poem here.


(Copyright: Aurora Jean Alexander, June 2021)

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6 thoughts on “Summertime – Sunshine – Warmth

  1. Your poems are what I call ‘real poems’, AJ. I’m not into this ‘free verse’ stuff. Call me old-fashioned, but to me a poem has to at least have rhythm, if not rhymes.
    I’ve written non-rhyming poetry, although still with structure and rhythm, and believe me, it’s much easier. If we dispose of rhythm, too, it’s simple in comparison.
    A bit like music. I heard something once that I thought was the orchestra tuning up. No. It was the piece.


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